Enhance Your Gathering With A 360 Photo Booth!

Our 360 video and photo booth offers your guests a completely fun and interactive experience at your next gathering! An aptly placed platform and a 360 degree arm can help capture slow motion videos of your guests while simply having a good time. Whether your guests enjoy striking a pose or playing dress up, our photo booths are able to capture every movement as an easily shareable GIF or short high-definition video.

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What Does Our 360 Photo Booth Do?

A 360 photo or camera booth offers revolutionary technology that is able to capture video from all angles. It enables guests to strike their favorite pose or make a face while a slow motion activated arm works to capture footage. The elevated platform makes it easy for the camera to have a wider viewing angle while the camera output enables a branded photo booth experience for virtually all events.

Is It Worth Buying A 360 Video Booth?

Our quality photo booths can turn any mundane wedding reception or birthday party into a memorable event! With our unique technology, your guests can let go and have hours of fun spinning, twirling or taking slow motion footage of themselves. The stationary platform and rotating camera arm offers cutting edge technology you won’t find with other photo booths available on the market. A bullet-time effect is created thanks to our exceptional camera quality, and most importantly, the footage that’s captured is easily shared within mere seconds. Kids and adults alike will spend hours letting loose at your party!

How Do You Set Up 360 Photo Booths?

Our 360 photo booth offers simple set-up and portability, regardless of your event’s destination. In fact, our booths are easily installed in any outdoor or indoor area while offering the ease of relocation should the need arise. Everything is provided for you with the purchase of our photo booth, and you don’t need to employ the use of tricky technology! Any equipment you have on hand whether it’s a basic smartphone or a DSLR camera will work with the photo booth.

The photo booth is very simple to operate, in fact, anyone can do it! After the space is adequately set up, guests can install the camera of their choosing or your own camera to capture footage from all viewing angles.

What Can I Use My 360 Video Booth For?

Our 360 photo booth is a great way to take any event to the next level. For gatherings with friends and family for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday dinners or even weddings, our photo booth provides hours of seamless entertainment. However, did you know a photo booth is also a great way to raise brand awareness? You can add a photo booth to any convention or networking event while all of the captured footage can bear your brand’s logo. As guests will share their videos, your company’s logo will appear all over social media!

Did you also know that our photo booths are completely customizable? You can create the perfect photo booth environment for any event using a green screen, social media integration or software for smooth camera action. More importantly, you can add complete customization to your photo booth to match the event’s theme! That means lights, banners, and graphics are all adequate ways to provide optimum fun for guests.

Photo booths may seem like a product of a bygone era, but with the solid modern updates made to our booths, you can see that they are vastly different from what we’ve grown up with. In fact, gone are the days when photo booths entailed small dark and cramped spaces with murky lighting and tiny photo strips. Your new booth will have the ability to accommodate large groups of people while providing the option to create a classic photo strip or a video. You can text, upload or email your video well before you step off the booth platform, and that means plenty of real-time fun that connects you with other people. As your guests are getting drinks from the bar or grabbing a snack, they can easily share their creations with minimal effort.

Photo booths provide a memento of the experience guests have had at your event. Whether it’s making goofy faces or playing dress up, the 360 degree angle provides optimum viewing pleasure for those not physically present at the event.

You Need This Photo Booth Right Now!

Give your guests hours of interactive fun by making a 360 photo booth the centerpiece of your event. Videos are easily edited into a unique clip using slow motion sequences, stop motion or even a GIF! Our photo booths are very similar to taking selfies, except the hard work is done for you! With adjustable camera arms and timing speeds, your imagination is the only limit to your creativity. When you buy a photo booth, you unleash a world filled with possibilities!

The Key Specs Of Our Photo Booths

*Our most streamlined 360 photo booth model is easily transported weighing a mere 76 pounds. However, if you’re working with a tight budget, other models are also available.

*Users of any size or age are easily accommodated by our photo booths.

*Our manual photo booth option provides seamless event integration without the use of cords or cables. It is also the model that’s easiest to set up and move as needed during the event.

*The booth is easily customized to fit the event using your logo as well as branding efforts.

*Deluxe package options come with a wheeled case that offers easy transport and storage for your newest investment.

It’s Time To Get A Photo Booth!

Whether you’re hoping to make your event memorable or want to increase brand awareness, our 360 photo booths are a wise investment. With full customization and portability, you have a myriad of benefits to think of.

Turn an ordinary night into something that will capture memories for a lifetime! Even if your budget is limited, we can help you purchase a photo booth by allowing you to explore our financing options.

Our professional and solidly built photo booths are available for the low starting price of $2499. You can easily earn back your investment by renting out your booth for two events. Anything after is pure profit for your company!

Not only are our 360 photo booths built with unsurpassed quality in mind, but we believe they provide a fantastic investment for you. Whether you’re looking to generate passive income or to get into the party planning business, our booths are guaranteed profit turners.

Invest now in your future and you will thank us later! This is a genuine investment opportunity that will pay for itself many times over. Even if it’s for your own event, purchasing a photo booth can become a great passive income source at a later time. Get your photo booth today and explore all of our models available to find the one that will fit best with your needs!