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Your marketing plan must include a digital content strategy – and here’s why!

As a video production company, we know that our clients need to get full value from their digital investment, which is why we’re producing practical guides to success with digital content as part of our commitment to helping every client maximise return on video marketing.

Video is the heart of digital content

This is true for three reasons:

  1. Immediate impact – everybody knows how to watch a video, whilst they don’t always immediately ‘get’ a presentation, diagram or report.
  2. Video sharing – the easiest way to get marketing out there is to make it easy to share, just as everybody knows how to watch a video, they also know how to ‘like’ and ‘share’
  3. Brand integrity – video is the hardest thing to pirate, adulterate or otherwise rip off. This means that your digital content remains yours, unlike articles, blog posts and images which are much easier to steal and copy.

Missing out on these opportunities means missing out on connections with potential customers, partners and suppliers all of whom could aid your business.

Video is also centre to digital marketing strategies because well produced video productions have a strong call to action at their core. Good content alone is not enough – a digital content strategy ensures you are reaching the right people, at the right level, in the right way.

Digital content strategy – the 4 key rules as questions

  • What use is your content? We love marketing departments, obviously, as we work with them a lot. But they can become a little too high concept. The great thing about video is it’s usually operating at the human scale so we have a chance to encourage our clients to consider what use their content is. Is it informative? If so, who is it informing? Is it problem solving? If so, whose problems does it solve? If it’s neither of these, what is its purpose? Establishing answer to these questions is central to a great strategy because they help us create superb video content and help our clients market it to exactly the right audience.
  • What is your message? All content should underpin the position of the brand – so there’s no point launching a new product with video unless it shows where that product sits in the hierarchy of your brand. For example, when a client launched a range of low solvent wood-care, we created a short video segment showing the history of the company in solving problems for customers, culminating in the problem of needing great wood-care products that didn’t damage the environment. Located through that historical context, their new product clearly demonstrated their brand commitment to producing excellent products for the woodwork trade. Big message, beautifully carried – job done.
  • How are you different? What differentiates your organisation from all the others is what ensures your digital content works for you. In our client example it was how they helped people who work professionally with wood deliver for their own customers. A different company might have chosen to focus on how they are always at the cutting edge of technology, or on how they specialise in business to business support. Whatever your distinct value, we want to get it into our video so you can focus your strategy on getting that message across.
  • How will you ensure consistent support for your content? Whether you’re aiming for a range of videos to be shared on YouTube or crafting digital content for display on trade stands at events, being sure how you will support the content you’ve created will allow us to help maximise the return on your digital content investment.

How video content can enhance your ecommerce store and generate more sales

A successful store is made up of a variety of content and could include written text descriptions, images, blog entries, reviews and increasingly, videos.

Research has shown that using videos in your ecommerce store can radically improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

In fact, one study revealed that customers were more than 60% more likely to buy your product after viewing a video of it.

It’s these kinds of statistics which are really compelling but if you still need convincing, here’s some more information about how video content could enhance your ecommerce store.

Get it on Google

Although you might have some traffic driven to you via direct marketing, you will inevitably be looking to push your store high up the Google rankings.

By improving your SEO score, you will improve your Google ranking and in turn are more likely to be seen by potential customers searching for the products you offer.

There’s lots of ways to push your store higher up the Google search results, but the majority are constantly changing and take a lot of hard work to maintain. Video content offers an easy way to score highly and it’s relatively easy to achieve too.

Videos now have separate entries in the Google search results which mean that you’ve got an even better chance of being seen, especially if your competitors aren’t yet up to speed.

Google also ranks your site on the length of time visitors spend there, so as video content will keep them engage for longer, it’s a win-win situation.

Word of mouth

Reaching your target audience can be achieved in a number of ways but one of the most compelling is word of mouth.

Getting someone to share your content is invaluable and can give you a reach which would otherwise be hard to achieve.

Research has repeatedly shown that video content is much more likely to be clicked and shared compared to a page of pure text.

In addition, content which includes a video thumbnail is far more likely to be clicked on than a link which has no attached image.

Capture their attention

Marketing experts suggest that you have no more than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your customer before they click away and leave your site.

You might be a master wordsmith but written content often doesn’t do your products justice. In the modern digital age, customers are used to being bombarded with vivid bright images and shown products in full, glorious detail. Having to read long chunks of text to find out exactly what you’re offering is likely to be simply too much effort.

A video by contrast will engage your customers immediately and enable you to far more effectively convey the energy of your brand, and show off your product to its full potential. A picture is worth a thousand words…..and when that pictures moves as well, its ecommerce gold.

Encourages loyalty

By creating a video, your customers will have the opportunity to see what’s behind the brand and to connect with you more directly.

This engagement is an extremely successful marketing technique and has been used to great effect in social media. Having a more personal connection with your customers provides a much greater chance of them developing brand loyalty, and feeling like they’re being given a more individual buying experience which is tailored to them.

Looking at the research it’s hard to see why any ecommerce store isn’t making the most of video content. From capturing the imagination of a potential customer, to ranking more highly on Google, video content is set to rule the internet….at least until something even better comes along.

Why having your company event filmed professionally could be one of the best decisions you make

This is the video generation. From the fuzzy filming of crazy antics seen through car windows to impromptu captures of flash mobs, mobile phones have made video the most shared technology in the world.

As a result, failing to film your company event professionally is likely to result in a very different kind of film – the selfie generation’s version of your carefully crafted corporate occasion. This means there are three key reasons to decide to have the event filmed by professionals:

  1. Your reputation will be better shaped if you oversee a filming process that can be shared across platforms
  2. Creating interest in your organisation is best done with expert video
  3. You will be able to harness the investment of time and professionalism inherent in your company event to other purposes such as training or marketing.

So, given that most organisations have to accept that their corporate events will be filmed, either professionally or by members of the audience, how does a business make the most of event filming and what added benefits can be developed from filming company events?

Make multiple use of corporate event footage

There’s nothing more exciting than looking at a well-run event, it creates brand enthusiasm and a desire to be associated with that brand or organisation, so why not use some of the video from your event to open and close company training material, induction and orientation films and even health and safety videos.

Don’t be scared to be emotional

Everybody loves the behind the scenes shots such as the bloopers and out-takes shown at the end of movies, or the kid playing hide and seek behind the bride and groom as they walk out of their wedding venue … all these natural moments show heart.

Corporate events, by contrast, can often seem glitzy but soulless so ask your film maker to use a long lens to get a few candid shots of people preparing for the big event, showing the heart and soul behind the organisation. These moments will bring the viewer into the film, creating massive investment.

Name check, name check, name check

You’ll have some substantial people involved so get the post production team to give them excellent credits with their name and title scrolling onscreen.

But don’t stop there. Name check everybody who speaks during the video – it shows you value everybody involved in your organisation and ensures that in future people will want to get up and strut their stuff, just for their name check moment on the big screen!

Film the reactions

One of the main reasons for having professional video teams capturing your corporate events is that they are brilliant at getting endorsements – a few clips of happy, motivated people expressing their genuine enthusiasm for the event is as good as money in the bank for your brand or organisation.

Use this event to create a trailer for the next one

The final use for your corporate event video footage is to create a trailer for the next event. Why? Because crafting a short, snappy trailer that highlights the past event and trails the next one, starts to build a buzz for forthcoming activity that is profoundly powerful and also serves as a pitch to get even bigger hitters, even better speakers, and even more exciting activity next time. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and it will shape itself organically out of the event you’re currently filming.

Saying more with animation

Animated Video Production

We all know that animation sells breakfast cereals and enthralls pre-school kids (and otherwise moody teenagers!) but one of the fastest growing uses of animation is in the business world. Corporate videos including animation are used by some of the world’s top businesses, but because they are professionally produced, with seamless transitions from video to animation and back, we often fail to spot them at all.

Why are major companies using business animations?

First let’s take a quick roll call of those who are: Dyson and Bosch both rely on animation, Virgin are using in increasingly across their brand identities and pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo Smith Klein has settled firmly on animation as its major route to explaining new drugs to the marketplace.

Producing animation content

You’ve got 60 seconds to sell

It’s so much easier to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service in animated form because you can control every second of the material and use professional video production techniques to make each word and image count. This saves you money as well as condensing your key points to make great marketing material.

Animation is global

Whilst face to camera videos are obviously personal, they limit identification. Companies agonise over whether to hire a male or female presenter, how to select the person who best represents the target market’s age, cultural identity or preferences, and then panic about over-identification of brand with individual. Animation removes all this – voiceover can be done in many languages or none and global concepts can be expressed without worrying whether the audience identifies with the presenter.

One important sub-point; there’s less need to worry about whether your brand is identified with a particular CEO or the actor who represents you on video. By combining animation and video, businesses can harness loyalty to the animated concept rather than to any personality involved.

To be understood, be animated

If you have an unusual or complex business, or a demanding service offering, animation allows you to express very specific ideas for a much smaller budget than you could ever do otherwise. Because difficult concepts can be broken down and expressed in easily understood fashion, and because you can use a little humour to make your animation appealing, you’ll get your idea over much more quickly, and clearly with animation.

Be remembered for the right reasons

Animations help people remember you better. This is because people who view video or animation tend to retain a lot more information – up to 56% more! The whole brain is involved in viewing animated images or video, whilst words and static images only engage the left-hand side of the brain. This means that your message is impressed into people much more clearly, and their right-side emotions are much easier to reach, using animation.

Animation is healthy

One of the main ways that the major multinationals are using animation is training. For all the reasons listed above, Producing animated video is the ideal route to getting employees to understand policies, health and safety issues and even the company annual report! This helps keep the world’s biggest companies healthy, safe and out-performing others – so isn’t it time you got animation working for you too? Get in touch at for more insights into video production in London