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What Is the Appropriate Price to Pay for Corporate Video Production

How much does Video Production cost

With the advent of smartphones, you can shoot a video on your polished iPhone in the morning, upload it on YouTube in the afternoon, campaign on it on Facebook in the evening, and become viral by night – all this and you won’t have to spend a penny for it. Or, you can hire Quentin Tarantino to write a script and direct the video – but the budget will vary a lot. That is the same reason why the price of a corporate video varies from one company to the other. Corporate video production is not a big deal these days. You want to promote a flagship product of your company or want to make a video of the company itself, you will need the help of a professional corporate video production company to do the job for you. The question is, what is the right price to pay for producing these videos. Well, there are several factors that decide the price of corporate video production. Here are the factors discussed below:

1.Writing the script

Why do some adverts catch your attention while the others don’t? Because the ones that do are well scripted and acted. Most importantly, the script of the advert is what made the production of the video so sound. Similarly, when you decide to make a corporate video, it should have a definite script; a script that will attract the attention of the potential customers. And, the more experienced the writer is, the better script you can expect. And, the better script you get, the more money you have to spend. The equation is pretty simple. You can get someone to write the script for £60 an hour and you can also get a scriptwriter who charges £150 an hour. The difference is in the experience and creativity.

2. Shooting and editing

Shooting the video is another factor that adds to the cost of corporate video production. The team whom you appoint for this job will come with the most advanced cameras and other items to take the video. In addition to shooting the video according to the script that has been written, the editing and graphics will also add to the final cost. These two parts are like the backbone of the video. In fact, editors often get a huge amount of money for their editing skills. Apart from that, the animation or the graphics team will also come into play if you want to add animation into the video. But this is totally optional and depends on the script as well. But editing will cost you a minimum of £70 per hour to a maximum of £175 or £180 per hour. For animation and graphics, the cost varies from £100 per hour to £350 per hour.

3. Camera and equipment

Probably the most expensive part of the video is the camera and the equipment that will be used to shoot the corporate video. The type of camera you choose will decide the clarity of the video too. So, you need to consult with the corporate video production team before you pick one of the cameras. It can start from a DV camera to a full feature HD camera to an ARRI or on Film. The final output of the video will change depending on the camera you choose. Typically, you may have to spend just $25 if you want the video to be shot on a simple digital camera or it can go up to £400 or £500 per hour depending on the camera you are using. Film cameras will be more expensive and they will cost around £1000 per hour.ARRI Video Camera

Apart from the camera, there will several other equipment and tools that will be used to shoot the video. Additional lights, track dolly, field monitor, and much other stuff are required. These help to maintain the high quality of the video that is shot. Many companies quote the price of the camera and equipment together but if you want individual costs, then the price of the equipment will vary from $30 per hour to £100 or £120 per hour.

4. Actors and crew

Again, the script of the video will decide if you need professional actors or not. Since this is a corporate video, you may or may not add additional actors. Their price may range from $50 per hour to as much as £450 or £500 per hour. However, the cost of the crew has to be taken into consideration. Corporate video production is not the job of a single person. It requires team work. Lighting technicians charge somewhere around £25 to £50 per hour while a field production engineer will cost around £50 to £80 an hour.

As you can see, there are so many factors that add to the cost of corporate video production. At we find a balance providing quality production with a reasonable price attached.

9 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

9 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

As 2018 comes to a close and people begin to welcome its upgraded version, 2019, it is time to take a moment to think about how this is going to impact video marketing. This is an area that is constantly changing and it is only right for anyone who is serious about business to keep an eye on statistics. In case you need more information so you can use it to hone your strategy, here are 10 points you need to take note of.


1. Majority of traffic will go to Video

video traffic increase

It has been predicted that most of the traffic on the Web (about 80%) will be video content by the start of 2021.

This means that anyone who has not been integrating video into their plans should certainly start now. Since it will be commonplace for people to see this kind of content all over the place, they will expect it. Those who choose not to take heed are bound to get left behind.

2.Company Size VS videos created

Company size has little to do with the number of videos that are being created.

While it would probably seem like larger corporations with huge budgets would create more videos, this is actually not the same at all. However with corporate video production, Even small start-ups are realizing the pull that this kind of content has on user retention. As a result, they are taking the bulk of their budgets and using it for this.

3. Technology companies create some of the shortest videos on the Web.

The reality is that the average person is not going to sit through a long video to its entirety. For this reason, technology companies have been taking note and started focusing on shorter videos. This means two things. If you are in this industry, you certainly have to remember this when creating marketing materials. It also means that those who are not in this particular field need to take notice and follow their lead if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Smaller businesses are more likely to do marketing internally.

If you own a small business, the idea of trying to set aside a large budget for marketing can be frightening. The great thing is that this is not a necessity. There are many companies that are taking the marketing skills of their current staff, putting their heads together and creating solid strategies. You do not have to let a lack of an unlimited cash flow stop you from doing well in this arena.

5. Most business-related video content is viewed on laptops and PCs

With the influx of people who are using mobile devices, it is generally assumed that this is how most would view business videos, but this is not the case. In fact, the likelihood of someone using mobile for this purpose is a meager 11%. This does not mean that you should discontinue optimizing sites and content for those users, but it is something to think about.

The reason for this is likely the fact that people like watching informational content on larger screens. They tend to understand and retain this information better that way.

6. The middle of the week is the best time to post business videos.Video marketing statistics

There was something mentioned about this several years back, but this is true now more than ever. The reasoning behind this is probably because many business people log off on the weekends so they are hit with a barrage of work on Mondays, so they need a day or two to get back into the swing of things. By the latter part of the week, they are focused on wrapping things up to get ready for the weekend. Ideally, Tuesday through Thursday would be your best bet for posting if you want people to watch your content while it is fresh.

7. Most social media videos are watched without sound.

This means that you need to work on adding things like captions and appropriate text to the content you create. By ignoring this and refusing to do, you will be turning your back on a large part of your target market. This is also an indication that social media usage is increasing, so add video content to these sites if you have not already.

8. Internet Explorer is second to Chrome when it comes to choosing a browser for videos.

While many people turned their backs on IE after the hiccups some of the older version had, there are some who favour this browser over others and you need to consider this. Always make sure that your content is optimized for all browsers types. Your individual browser preferences have nothing to do with this; it is about what others want.

9. Demos, explainers and product videos are the most popular content types.

Integrating one or more of these into your plans is a winning idea. The more you are able to create videos that others clamour for, the more likely it is you will attract and retain their attention. If you are not adept at creating these kinds of videos, you need to seek out the help of someone who is.

Statistics mean everything when it comes to creating a video marketing plan that will catapult you to success. Consider all of the points mentioned here as you move forward in 2019. Otherwise, you and your business will get left behind while the rest of the world is focused on moving forward. check back at for more video marketing trends