One area of our industry that has changed beyond recognition is animation.
It’s now affordable even on a low budget scale. Explainer video’s are predominantly produced via the animation process and industries such as IT benefit from this was of production because it’s a difficult industry to film.

Animation Production

Is a very straight forward business and doesn’t have to be per minute any more expensive than live video action.
The workflow is very clear, we produce animation in much the same way as live video. You start with a script, we produce a storyboard and then create the magic.

Vebu provides a one-stop shop

We will take your brief and find the right people for your brand with bags of experience in your marketplace.
Vebu provides a one-stop shop from; working with you to create a brief, initial ideas, storyboard, production and delivery.

We’ve been creating video content for over 20 years across the UK and Europe.

Whether you need a high end crew or just want to shoot content for social media you’ve come to the right place.