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Is there an entrepreneur in you?

  We’ve all been there. Staring into the distance thinking if only we had that great idea we’d be out the door in a flash. Goodbye to the PAYE salary! But for many it may not necessarily be a lack of ideas but just the confidence to just do it. We spoke to Cyclo Technology founder Dominic Cotton about how he went from employee to entrepreneur. Vebu hopes this will […]

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7 Questions To Help You Write The Perfect Brief

7 Questions To Help You Write The Perfect Video Production Brief If you have come to the conclusion that hiring a production company is the best way to create a great corporate video, you should be able to communicate your intentions with clarity to help them understand your needs and your specific requirements. You have to “sell” them your concept or your creative idea to ignite their passion for it […]

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Rebranding: Why it is important and how to get it right

Just like old paint, brands also fade away with time. It reaches a point when something that was once cool becomes ordinary. This is because its vibrancy diminishes and its appealing looks become normal. The only way to resurrect such business or company is through rebranding. So what is to rebrand a business? According to Amy Aitman, to rebrand a business means to reshape your company or remodel it. When […]

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Vebu Video Production Earns Rave Reviews on Clutch

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of quality video content, helping our clients reach their audiences, creatively convey their message, and drive progress. Offering a wide variety of video production services, we strive to establish ourselves as trusted partners and leaders in our industry, and we are pleased to share that we have already made great progress in 2019. Best Video Production company We are featured on the B2B ratings […]

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What Goes Into A Full Service Production Company

An idea is a great thing. Whether it highlights a partnership, is a creative way of explaining your new product, or tells a unique store about your company or brand, the process always needs to begin with an idea. Everyone knows that videos are a very valuable asset for all industries. However, many individuals struggle with how to take an idea and transform it into a finished product that they […]

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How To Choose The Best Animated Video Production Technique

You would like to create an animated explainer video but aren’t sure which animation technique that you should use. You, of course, don’t want just any old technique, but you want to have the best one available. However, there is just one problem. There isn’t a singular animation technique that works the best for every application. Every animation technique will have its own pros and cons. Which is the best […]

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Choosing a Video Animation Production Agency

What should you think about when choosing an animation agency? You’ve only got to type in animation agency into Google before you get bombarded with pages of options. Here’s why we think you should use Vebu. We are storytellers at heart It’s important that you engage your audience. Let’s give this story a bit of emotion whilst weaving your own company story into the picture. We’ve also been producing motion […]

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Promotional films we like

Promotional Films we Like Shooting a promotional film about your own company can get enormously over-complicated. What to write, what to show. Key messages. Which is why I love the old Zendesk video from a couple of years back. It’s just soooo simple. It’s simple and honest. It’s a “this is who we are” video and it works. So don’t over think what you are trying to get across. In […]

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How Long Does it Take to Rank in 2019 | SEO Ranking Factors

SEO RANKING You have a website, or a video that you realise needs to be on the first page of google in order for it to start getting visitors, which hopefully translate into new customers, sales or subscribers. So you enlist services to a SEO agency, your local SEO guy or even attempt to do the optimisation yourself. There is usually one question on the forefront of your mind. How […]

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What Is the Appropriate Price to Pay for Corporate Video Production

How much does Video Production cost With the advent of smartphones, you can shoot a video on your polished iPhone in the morning, upload it on YouTube in the afternoon, campaign on it on Facebook in the evening, and become viral by night – all this and you won’t have to spend a penny for it. Or, you can hire Quentin Tarantino to write a script and direct the video […]

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