Top 5 Trends That Will Impact Brands In 2020 And Beyond

Top 5 Trends That Will Impact Brands In 2020 And Beyond

As brands strive to connect better with their customers and clients, technology is their primary resource for achieving their goal. The digital tech continues to bridge the bridges between companies and their consumers, and this takes place online. And while that plays out, B2B and B2C brands are still pushing to gain more recognition and a higher market share.

Branding Impact

Today’s market uniquely views brands as an eclectic blend of utility, technology with a dash of psychology. The result is better recognition making a brand stand out from the crowd. But there is a significant emphasis on the use of technology in building brand awareness. In 2020, five trends will that will see businesses leveraging technology to even the playing field; the five will be:

• Customization will alter expectations

• Service delivery will define brands.

• AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning will impact brand awareness and trust.

• Speed will be an essential element.

• Clear strategies will be necessary for addressing environmental concerns.

1. Customization Will Alter Expectations

Infosys did a survey that suggested 86% of consumers confirmed that customization was an influencing factor in their purchasing decision. Customers have growing expectations for unique service experiences when it comes to product awareness and delivery. As such, customization has taken center stage and is now more accessible to a broader market.

Brands will have to look beyond demographic if they want to capture the interests of today’s highly sophisticated consumers. They must turn to the personalization of their product/service delivery. Brands need to come up with experiential marketing strategies that are based on customer data integration. That way, they will in a better position to know, manage, and leverage customer expectations. A brand that can adjust to the needs of the market will be able to stir its growth effectively, now and in the years to come.

2. Service Deliver Will Define Brands

Brands will strive to commoditize their products, but they all will focus on their service delivery to help them stand out from the crowd. With technology changing how products are developed, the time to market something will have increased. That means competition will be stiff as the different parties invest in improving their design and strategies in a bid to capture a bigger market share.

To avoid this and ensure you are among the top players or leading the pack, you should ensure that there is consistency in your product/service delivery. Your product development should be informed by and at per with production demands, coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction. It is a tactic that may require reviewing and readjusting your expectations, doing staff training, and ensuring everything align with the primary objective of achieving brand success.

3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) And Machine Learning Will Impact Brand Awareness & Trust

Machine learning

A survey by Gartner’s CIO, 3,000 CIOs in 89 countries, claimed that Artificial Intelligence was the most disruptive thing in the way companies and organizations do business and interact with their clients and customers.

Brands such as McDonald’s have recognized the impact AI has and put in measures to include it in their brand strategies. Advancement in AI technology and machine learning are changing how people interact with different appliances, devices, and even wearable tech. Voice-automated gadgets are among the latest technologies that are pushing the envelope in as far as product evolution is concerned. Take the example of Amazon, which released dozens of wearable tech and even stock companies that are advocating for the use of such devices.

But embrace this new way of brand marketing should be done with caution since these innovations could impact consumers negatively as people lose their jobs to the smart machines. Nonetheless, companies and organizations need to leverage machine learning to know more about their customers and clients without flaunting the tech in a manner that irritates their target markets.

For instance, brands can leverage social-listening tools to gather relevant and useful information about their competitors and target audience. Machine learning can include natural language processing tools that will see such devices extract semantic meaning from social media posts. It, therefore, allows them to have a better, faster, and more relevant response to their consumers’ needs.

4. Speed Will Be An Essential Element

Consumers will always expect instant gratification and to be kept up to date; therefore, speed will be a resource that gives brands a competitive edge. Companies and organizations that fail to adopt this face the risk of losing their market share.

How fast your brand anticipates and responds to customers and clients is crucial to its growth and success in a competitive market space. You must be quick and smart in how you do things, and this also applies to how you leverage tech to create unrivaled opportunities that your target audience is willing to embrace.

You will face constant challenges that push you to keep up with the trends mentioned above. Keep in mind that you will have to differentiate between personalization and better service delivery. But even then, keeping up with the changing technology and the expectations of your customers or clients is something that will require a great deal of discipline. It also will require you to leverage the smarter, faster, and more responsive tech.

5. Clear Strategies Will Be Necessary In Addressing Environmental Concerns

With a growing push for environmentally friendly decisions and the increased awareness of climate change, brands are keen on how socially conscious employees, customers, and clients perceive them and their role in promoting a better and cleaner planet.

Recently, there has been a consensus among the Business Roundtable CEOs that companies should demonstrate a commitment to all stakeholders who also include the suppliers, employees, communities, and the environment. Businesses need to come up with sustainability strategies that also demonstrate better stewardship of natural resources.

That is why more and more brands are recognizing the need to hire environmental awareness officers that will champion sustainable thinking in various aspects of operations in the organization. This will include the production, packaging, and delivery of their products. Therefore, your branding must send out a positive and clear message regarding embracing the need to make eco-friendly decisions. It also must live up to that image.

A Few Extra Insights

Hopefully, the information given above will help stir your brand in the right direction in 2020 and beyond. Get in touch with us at vebu if you need help with your branding or desire to learn more about the impact technology has on branding.

Create A Great Marketing Video in 2020 With The Help Of 14 Tips On Video Production.

Tips On Video Pre-Production 2020.

If you are going to create a marketing video, you need to be organized and well prepared to succeed in video production. If you are not organized and decide to shoot the video without a plan, then you can expect nothing less but poor results. However, when you are organized and prepared, you can focus your mind on what matters most and avoid last minute rash.

Time is precious, therefore, do not waste any of it. Make sure that you have a script ready a day or two before the big day comes. Be sure of what needs to be said and from which point of view or angle. Here are a few steps to that you might want to follow to help you succeed in such a complex project.

1. Be Unique And Original With Your Content.

If you want your marketing video to be a success, then it is advisable that be creative with your concept and be original. That means come-up with your own ideas and not still someone else’s concept. You can look for ideas on the web, where you can gather even more details such as which marketing videos have great returns on investment in your business sector. Moreover, you can also use the same channel to find out whether the idea you have is used by another marketer or not.

2. Be organized

Before you start shooting your marketing video, make sure that you plan everything in advance. Make sure that you cover the following basics, writing the script, create a short detailed list, and outline a storyboard. Have an alternative footage so that it can be easy for you to work on when it comes to editing.

3. Be Specific About The Video Subjects You Want To Use.

With video production, it is vital that you set standards for your casting actors. That means you need to find someone who is easy to work with and can memorize the script without any problems. Furthermore, make sure that they can deliver your message in a natural manner. when you find the ideal person for the job, make sure that you practice in advance before shooting the main film.

4. Be Careful And Creative With The Setting

When it comes to video setting, be real and honest with your audience. The best way you can do this is to record your marketing footage in different locations. However, make sure that the areas you choose to shoot the video are not too crowded or busy.

Film Making Tips

Film Making tip 2020

Even though you can always edit the film after recording, it is advisable that you try to perfect each detail of your video production process to save time. Editing is not an easy task and can take much of your time than would expect. Therefore, shooting a video with fewer mistakes will save you a lot of time from editing. If you are not satisfied with the end results, find out what needs to be changed before shooting the video again.

5. Consider Having Quality Sound During Video Production.

Good video footage with poor sound quality will not attract anyone’s attention. Therefore, make sure that you invest in quality sound as well if you want the message to be heard clearly. Use microphones that are manufactured to top leading bands. Moreover, request for wireless microphones since they are easy to work with during video production.

6. Lights Setting.

During video production, make sure that everything can be seen clearly without being exposed to too much lighting. Because of these reasons, you might want to invest in a quality lighting setup such as the three-point lighting.

7. Keep You Videos Stable Using A Tripod.

If you do not want your videos to be shaking during production, then it is advisable that you use a strong tripod to hold your camera in place when shooting the videos. Furthermore, make sure that you have a tabletop tripod and a standing tripod as well so that you can get stable footage from any position.

8. Do not Loss Focus When Shooting Videos.

When shooting your videos, pay close attention to each detail without losing focus. That means the camera should be stable and focused and remember to lock or switch on the exposure so that the camera does not lose focus easily. Also, remember to keep the footages white balanced so that the lighting can be neutral from all angles.

9. stick To Rule Of Thirds During Video Production.

When filming that your footage is in line with the rule of thirds, which requires you to divide your shots into three sections which are vertically, horizontally and placing the main subject off-center. This creates a story line in your footage, which is something difficult to achieve with only straight-on shots.

Video Production Editing Tips

If you want your marketing video to attract viewers attention, the make sure that it is unique and well detailed. Get rid of unnecessary scenes when editing and make sure that the footage runs smoothly without dragging. Have in mind that you only have a limited period to grab your audience attention. Therefore, make sure that your video is not only relevant, but informative and engaging right from the start.

10. Make Your Video Unforgettable For The Viewers.

Besides seeing your marketing video, you want the viewers to be carried away both mentally and emotionally as well and the best way to do this is to use proper tone, speed, and structure on your video. The layout of your storyline should be overwhelming and lastly, make sure that you arrange the footage in a way that the script and storyboard flow together.

camera equipment 2020

11. Take Advantage Of B-roll

B-roll footage can be sued to cover up any cuts that you may have done on your videos. Moreover, there are various websites where you can get a b-roll, a good example is the Vizeedy domain. This is a great option when you do not have time to create your own b-roll.

12. Use Soundtrack For The Background.

A soundtrack playing in the background will project your message even more. However, make sure that the soundtrack is not too loud otherwise it might sound annoying for the audience. If you do not have a soundtrack of your own, you can download free stock soundtracks from sites such as AudioMicro. Furthermore, be sure to choose a soundtrack that is not licensed otherwise you will end up losing what you have been working for.

13. Optimize The Text In You Video.

You do not want the viewers to struggle reading the text content in your video. That is why it is advisable that you use a bold and clear font for your text. You can also use text animations to attract the viewer’s attention.

14. Your Video Should Meet All The Requirements Set By The Platform You Choose To Use.

Before you publish your marketing video on any platform, make sure that it meets all the necessary requirements put in place by that particular platform. Either you want to upload your video on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube or post it on your website, make sure that it is optimized to the right specifications. Furthermore, do not forget to use captions on your videos since most viewers do not watch videos while the volume is turned on.

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But for many it may not necessarily be a lack of ideas but just the confidence to just do it.

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7 Questions To Help You Write The Perfect Brief

7 Questions To Help You Write The Perfect Video Production Brief

If you have come to the conclusion that hiring a production company is the best way to create a great corporate video, you should be able to communicate your intentions with clarity to help them understand your needs and your specific requirements. You have to “sell” them your concept or your creative idea to ignite their passion for it and their desire to turn your project into a success.

Here are a few examples of corporate videos and their possible formats.

Based on my personal work experience, here are a few of the most important questions that will help you communicate all key elements in your corporate video brief:

1. What is the goal of your video?

You must tell the production company what purpose you need this video for. Do you want to use it in a launch campaign or to support some marketing activities? Do you need your video to solve a particular problem? What are the core messages your video should communicate to the viewer? By helping the production team to understand the context, you make their work easier.

If you intend to use your video online, like many other companies do, then you have to set specific and measurable online marketing goals. Do you need this video to help create awareness for your brand? Do you want to use it to attract organic search traffic and high authority links from other websites? Maybe you need this video to increase conversions by building trust for your brand. Either way, you’ll need to find the right approach to video production and marketing to serve your purpose.

2. Who are the people in your target audience and how are they going to see your video?

Who do you want to see your video? How much do they already know about your company? Inform the production company on the distribution channels you intend to use. Will you use this video for training or conferences? Or are you thinking to upload it online? Perhaps you want to use it on TV.

3. What kind of content do you want in your video?

Your ideas on what to include in your video can help. Furthermore, you should inform the production company on things and features you can supply yourself. You may already have some shooting locations in mind, or perhaps you may have hired a well-known actor to help you with the voice over. If you already have some footage that you would want to include, mention it in your brief.

4. Do you have a preference in regard to the narrative style?

How would you prefer your video to be narrated? Would you like talking heads, voice over, or text titles? It would be good to make up your mind about this before the production starts, as different choices give different feels to a video. If you don’t have any idea about what to choose, the video production company can explain you all pros and cons of each option.

5. Do you have a particular style in mind?

Do you want a documentary-style video? What kind of video would you like? If you can show the team some examples of videos using the same style as your desired one, it would help the team gain a better understanding of your intention.

6. What are your budget limits?

You must have at least a rough idea about how much you’re willing to spend. Video production costs fall within a rather wide range, so you need to communicate to the production company what you can afford.

7. By when do you need your video to be ready?

As obvious as this may be, you have to specify a deadline right off the bat. Furthermore, how would you like to receive the final product? Maybe you want a specific number of DVDs with start up menus, or maybe you only want a high definition file to upload it online.

We also asked some video production teams what would they love to see in the briefs they receive from their clients. Here are some of their wishes:

Show some flexibility – If you outsource the creation of your video to a production company, allow them to be creative. If you want them to follow your instructions step by step, you might as well hire only a camera operator and someone to edit your video and coordinate the project yourself.

Be realistic – Big ideas might call for big budgets. If all that you can afford is to shoot footage with a smartphone, don’t expect a cinematic masterpiece.

Communicate – Write your brief in simple and clear terms. Keep in touch with the production team at all times and make yourself available to them, should they need to ask you anything.

Vebu hope these tips will help you write an excellent brief.

Rebranding: Why it is important and how to get it right

Just like old paint, brands also fade away with time. It reaches a point when something that was once cool becomes ordinary. This is because its vibrancy diminishes and its appealing looks become normal. The only way to resurrect such business or company is through rebranding. So what is to rebrand a business? According to Amy Aitman, to rebrand a business means to reshape your company or remodel it. When speaking of remodelling, I am not just referring to the brand. I am also talking about the logo and the website among many other things that make up a company. Anyone who has done marketing will tell you that remodelling your business is a great way of refreshing your overall look. It is a way of sending a message to your clients and informing them that you are still soaring high.

Refreshing your company’s look is only one reason for you to consider remodelling, the other reason is when two companies are merging. Not unless one company is being absorbed by the other, remodeling should be a factor to be considered. This is because both of you have a different reputation, and over the years, you have been doing things differently. By remodelling, you will be putting individualism aside and starting a whole new company that is new and vibrant. Despite sounding like an easy thing, remodelling can be both tough and challenging. The fear that the new look might not be better than the old look is enough to stress you out. That is why you see some businesses improving on their old look. This usually prevents the complete assassination of their signature design.

Why is business rebrandinf important?

Now that you have a clear understanding of rebranding as a whole. Let’s expound further and have a look at the importance of transforming your whole company’s outlook.

Remodelling helps to usher in new leadership
Remodelling due to change of leadership is often realised in private companies. In many cases, you will find that by remodelling, you can send a message that this company has shifted its focus and it’s going to be better under new leadership. We have seen so many companies that have remodelled due to change in leadership, and most of them have ended up being very successful.

In most cases, when you hear a company is planning to remodel due to new leadership, there is usually a common reason why. In most cases, the CEO or owner is new to the company. It is very hard to find an existing employee remodelling a business just because he or she is the owner. So instead of printing on billboards that the company has a new owner. You can rebrand and let it speak for itself.

It usually breaks the business monotony.

There is nothing bad like losing potential clients just because they can no longer stand your monotony. Companies with reasonable marketing team tend to rebrand as soon as they realise this. It might end up being costly, but the sacrifice is usually worth it in the long run. Through remodelling, you get to lure in new clients says blue frog dynamic marketing website. Within some time you will find the new look attracting a huge number of clients more than you used to.

A company that has been rebranded to kill monotony often comes out stronger than it used to be. The new look will cause a huge market tremor, and at the end of the day you will end up having an easy time convincing leads to join you in your new journey. Just remember to come up with a much better look than the previous one.

To remain competitive

Branding is a huge way to advertise your company in style. Once you realise that you have started slipping off, start thinking of remodelling. That is the only way you will be able to remain competitive. If you don’t do it sooner, your chances of coming back to the top will be getting slimmer as days go by. at we believe that a rebrand is essential for any business to keep abreast with competitors.

In case you have one competitor, and they rebrand before you do, the chances are that you will end up losing most of your business to them. By remodelling, you are sending competitive signals to your customers. In most cases, the signal is usually to say you are stronger than them. Remodelling always has a way of making your brand superior to the competitors. That is why you will see people remodelling their brands after some years; it always makes them remain competitive.

Through remodelling, you can clarify your intentions
Several people tend to use remodelling as a way to make their objectives clear to the market. This often affects people who started their businesses with a specific name without knowing it would be misinterpreted later on. So to clarify the kind of goods or services they are offering, they rebrand the name and make it more specific or straight forward. You will find remodelling working perfectly as opposed to other methods.

This indicates that remodelling can also be the changing of a business name to help sell a specific story that no other method has managed to sell. It is, however, important to do this type of remodelling while the business is still young. That way, it will not end up confusing your loyal clients. If you do it after the company has matured, the chances are that people will misinterpret the message, and that may affect you significantly.

Rebranding can help clean up a business reputation

Many times you will see businesses get remodelled then the words ‘under new management’ included. Most businesses that do this tend to clean up their name in an effective way. Maybe the previous management didn’t have any code of ethics, or perhaps the group was made of people who are not passionate enough. Either way, according to the entrepreneur, the only way to outgrow the bad reputation is to rebrand.

This way, people will no longer associate the business with its previous reputation. What follows after remodelling is the production of quality goods to convince the customers. Eventually, the company will pick up and become a whole different venture with new strategies. People will end up forgetting that the company had a bad reputation at some point. Remodelling will enable you to start a fresh and help you build a new legacy.

How to get branding right

Contrary to the common expectation, remodelling is not usually successful. There are so many companies that tried to remodel to experience the above benefits but instead ended up failing big time. That is why it is important to remodel the right way. Doing so will go a long way in enabling you to realise your intentions. Below are some of the ways on how to do remodelling right.

Do intensive research and come up with a powerful strategy
The biggest mistake you can ever do is remodelling blindly. Make sure you do proper analysis and come up with a strategy. Don’t rush in doing something just for the sake of it. Try and think about the brand you want to develop, its purpose, and whether it rhymes with your target audience. Forbes also agrees that conducting a survey and analysis is mandatory when changing the brand of your business. Once you have that figured out, start thinking about the personality of the new brand. All those factors should be considered before initialising the remodelling of the company.

Once you have done the research, develop a strategy. That strategy should be followed to the latter. After all, there is no need of coming up with a strategy if you know you won’t adhere to it. Many businesses that have a remodelling failure is due to lack of strategy or due to having one but not sticking to the strategy. You should thus not make the mistake of not sticking to your strategy.

Let your Brand Imitate your business

To avoid consumer confusions, ensure that your brand and your business is one thing. Don’t come up with a brand that doesn’t match what your company is about. Couch and associates website states that poor remodelling of the business can lead to loss of opportunity. This is because there will be confusion among people. The more try to figure out which is which, the more hectic it will be for your business.

The only way to give a clear perspective to your consumers is by developing a brand that conforms to your business. This includes the theme of the business, the name of the business as well as the layout. Ensuring that your brand imitates your business will guarantee the success of your remodelling.

Don’t dwell so much on bug details and forget about the small details.

Once you have your remodelling design ready, take your time to ensure that it is detailed. In most cases, the remodelling idea can be plain, but with the gradual addition of some small designs, you find that the result is one of the best remodelling styles that you never thought of. That is why it is important to pay attention to the small business.

This is where a branding agency comes in. A good agency will be able to internalise your remodelling idea and come up with something much better. This is because they know where to fix small details and where not to. They know how to make your picture bigger and better. With some minute tweaks, they can give you something better and transformative.

Don’t focus on how the idea looks now, but how it will look years later.

This is what I call timelessness. A brand should be built to last. That is why when you are remodelling your business, the term timelessness should constantly ring in your mind. This is yet another section of remodelling that requires a branding agency. An experienced person should be able to help you to come up with a timeless strategy. One that will remain fresh years from now.

If your strategy lacks a sense of time, your remodelling idea will only be able to remain attractive for a short period. After that, your business will go back to maintain that same old look you were trying to avoid. So whenever you are coming up with a strategy, make sure that it is long lasting. A remodelling strategy that can last for more than a decade and still make sense to your clients. A good rebranding agency in London can ensure that.

If you have a look at every detail that I have talked about, my main aim has been to enable you to see the importance of effective business remodelling. That is because most people tend to think that remodelling is as easy as it sounds. That is why they start initialising the process without having the slightest idea on where to begin. This makes them come up with a simple strategy, and within two days, the business is remodelled. One common outcome that is inevitable for anyone who takes that route is a failure. And as you have learned from the above information, it is easy to come up with a remodelling strategy but very hard to implement it.

For you to come up with a successful business remodelling, you need to involve several parties. This includes branding agencies, and even stakeholders says Louisa Mc Grath, author of Lucid Press. That is the only way that you will come up with something complex and great. Without incorporating these people, chances are that you will end up with a very basic brand. Trust me, you might spend more bringing in a specialised team, but if you start calculating its importance, you will find that it is a much smaller price to pay considering what you will end up earning. The last thing you do is to remodel your business only for it to fail right before your eyes. So take the initiative and plan your remodelling strategy before initialising the process. In the long run, you will end up with a strong, appealing, and timeless brand that you never thought of.

If you’re are seriously thinking of rebranding get in touch with our Branding agency 


Vebu Video Production Earns Rave Reviews on Clutch

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of quality video content, helping our clients reach their audiences, creatively convey their message, and drive progress. Offering a wide variety of video production services, we strive to establish ourselves as trusted partners and leaders in our industry, and we are pleased to share that we have already made great progress in 2019.

Best Video Production company

We are featured on the B2B ratings and reviews platform, Clutch, listed on their directory of the best video production companies in the UK in 2019. Clutch collects market research of leading agencies around the world and conducts in-depth client reviews, allowing them to gauge the caliber of service providers across dozens of industries.

We maintain an incredibly positive presence on the platform, and that is in large part thanks to reviews we have received recently! We have our first full-length review published on our profile, and we’re blown away by the position feedback. Check it out:

Video production review

Top Animation production company

In addition to our presence on Clutch, we are featured on their sister-site, The Manifest. We can be found on their list of the top animation Production comapanies in the UK, citing our successful projects and experience. The Manifest is a business resource, offering industry insights and how-to guides for small to midsize firms, helping them identify and address their challenges. And in an effort to demonstrate the quality of our work, we created a portfolio on Visual Objects, a platform for creative agencies like ourselves to share their work with prospective clients. We hope that this combination of reputation and the showcase of our services will help potential clients understand what our team is capable of.

Armed with an understanding of the importance of creative video content and the skills to deliver it, we strive to help our clients lift their businesses to new heights. Thank you to all of our clients here at, it has been a pleasure working with you, and we cannot wait to see what else you have for us.

What Goes Into A Full Service Production Company

What Goes Into A Full Service Production Company

An idea is a great thing. Whether it highlights a partnership, is a creative way of explaining your new product, or tells a unique store about your company or brand, the process always needs to begin with an idea.

Everyone knows that videos are a very valuable asset for all industries. However, many individuals struggle with how to take an idea and transform it into a finished product that they will be proud of.

Our Video Production Company is a Full-Service Production Company is based on the partnerships that we have entered into with all or our clients. We guarantee we are the only call that you will ever have to make when it comes to creating corporate videos for your business. No matter how much creative assistance you need, the number of strange sets and props you want, the scale of the production, a Full-Service Production Company can make it all happen and be your one-stop shop.

I Know My Company Needs To Have A Corporate Video. Now, What Should I Do?

When you start searching for a video production service, you will find many companies offering video packages: event video package, audio + 2-camera package, testimonial video package, etc. We don’t believe that a corporate video production should be confined to a package. We believe instead to take on every single corporate video project on its own. This means, first discovering what needs to be done in order to bring your concept to life, and then providing whatever is needed to make attractive video content that stays within your budget. That is what a full-service production can do for you.

Every company that we work together with is completely unique; therefore, they need special video equipment that is tailored to their needs. The first thing we do at our initial concept meeting is to learn more about your organizations does the best. We have worked with both brand new startups and well-established companies, but one thing that they have in common is a mission that is focused on getting to the core of what makes their business special. Our job is to translate this message into original, captivating, and beautiful video content.

Does it sound vague to say video content? Don’t you just mean a testimonial video or commercial video?

These days, video content does appear to come in a practically endless number of forms. Although we have produced some of the more traditional commercial spots and testimonial videos, we have also done company story videos, event sizzles, social media videos, and some truly unique requests as well.

After we learn more about your organization and what your specific goals are, we will recommend what format of video that we think will suit your message best. With knowledge and input on your organization, we will get our collaborative process started by guiding you through the pre-production phase. As part of the creative partnership process, a full-service production company should be available to help you flesh an idea out to achieve the purpose.

One thing that happens all of the time is that a company will come to us to get a corporate video created and get so much more than what they were anticipating. New York Health and Racquet Club brought us in to create a series of testimonials for them. As the project was coming together, we realized some of the material could be repurposed for a 30-second commercial and social media campaign.

How long will pre-production take? And where will my corporate video go after that?

Pre-production may take anywhere a few days to a few months, depending on the scale and size of the project. However, you don’t need to worry about that much, since the specialists on our team have decades worth of combined experience to oversee all of the pre-production details.

Once your concept is in place, we will work closely with you to plan a script and also the shot list. Our products will coordinate the shoot day. One of the important aspects of a full-service production company is having the capability of providing any resource that our client needs or wants: whether that is a green screen, camera drones, or custom-built set. It is critical to have an experienced video production team that can help you navigate through any potential roadblocks that you might encounter.

My video shoot day has arrived. What comes next?

If you have a resourceful and experienced team that you are working with, your shoot day should go smoothly. Just like an excellent chef or surgeon, a first-rate crew will make the job appear to be easy. A cast of specialists is required for an ASL production to guide the client through a production day that is stress-free. Communicating clearly with our clients throughout the entire shoot is of utmost importance to us. Each ASL shoot that we do is a collaborative experience. We take great pride in our transparency since ultimately that is what is crucial for a full-service production company to bring your vision fully to life.

On each shoot we do, we set our handheld client monitors up so our clients can look at the shots that we have captured in real time, which puts your project literally into your hands.

When Can I See The Vision?

That is a good question. Soon after the wrap, we will provide you with our post-production schedule. Our editors play a critical role when it comes to working with you to discover the ideal graphics, music, and voiceover to ensure that your vision really pops. If everything is running as it was planned, then you will start to receive edit within a few weeks of the shoot.

There are certain events we cover that require rapid turnaround. Our sizzle videos for the Nielsen C360 conference are shot, edited and treated within 24 hours.

Ask anybody who is in corporate video production and they will tell you that the most underrated part of any project is the post-production phase. We take that very seriously. A video not only comes to life inside of the editing room, but that is also where a client can provide their input so that the project is shaped to their needs and desires. At We would not say we were a full-service production company if we didn’t have a comprehensive post-production unit.

How To Choose The Best Animated Video Production Technique

You would like to create an animated explainer video but aren’t sure which animation technique that you should use. You, of course, don’t want just any old technique, but you want to have the best one available. However, there is just one problem. There isn’t a singular animation technique that works the best for every application.

Every animation technique will have its own pros and cons. Which is the best animated technique to use will be dictated by your plans for your video, the intended audience and your unique goals. Lets get started by understanding the various animation styles that are available, including stop-motion, whiteboard animation, 3D animation, and 2D animation.

Stop motion animation

stop motion animation

This type of video gets plenty of viral play f animated vie. However, they are also difficult and time-consuming to produce. When it comes to stop motion, the basic technique is pointing the camera at a clay figure, puppet, or another object in the scene. Once you have taken a photo, then you can make slight changes to your scene. For instance, you move a puppet’s arm a couple of centimetres. You then take another picture. Once you put your pictures together in sequence, it gives an impression of an animated object.

This is the most effective style when a animated video company finds a way to integrate their products into their animation. Also, there are ways that stop motion may be combined with 3D or 2D animation, or live video even, which creates a hybrid style. That may be an effective way of integrating a real-life product within the virtual world.

Quite often stop motion animation is beautiful. However, it is time-consuming as well. Slight errors may result in entire scenes having to be reshot.

Not surprisingly, when it comes to stop motion, timelines are long and budgets are high. For a majority of companies, the cost is not worth the benefits. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you are able to integrate a product of yours into animation, or to make a major investment into your brand image, then the best animation technique to use for your video may be stop motion.

Whiteboard Animation

Pros: Explains complex concepts easily; classic style

Cons: limited branding opportunities; may be viewed as old-fashioned

white board animation London

Over 10 years ago, whiteboard animation first broke out and was pioneered by RSA, a nonprofit organisation. Although other groups had filmed an individual standing in front of the whiteboard, the first organisation to fully animate the experience was RSA. They found those videos to be fairly affordable and easy to be understood by viewers.

There are a few different techniques used to create whiteboard animation. One way is to draw your image by hand. Then the camera is sped up in After Effects so that the drawing is synced with the voiceover. A different technique is creating the drawing digitally, the arm is shot over the green screen, and then the elements are composited together. The first technique frequently has an authentic, charming feel. The second technique is more versatile when it comes to making changes and frequently has a more professional and polished appearance.

Viewers have a tendency to view whiteboard animation as being classic instead of contemporary. Whiteboard video can be updated by layering the whiteboard images in order for a dimensional effect to be created or incorporate pops of color as well as other basic branding elements. But if you would like very strong branding, another type of animation may be better options.

Whiteboard animation isn’t the best animation technique for all brands. For example, high-tech brads may want to avoid it if they would like to project a high-tech feeling. Also, if you would like your video to have strong branding, then whiteboard probably isn’t the best choice. The classic stripped-down feeling, on the other hand, makes it ideal for illustrating complex concepts or workflows.

2D Animation

Pros: Good value for your money; broad range of tones and styles

Cons: In order to be effective you need to match your brand’s voice

2d animation production

When most people think about animation, 2D animation is the type they think of. Although a majority of individuals grew up viewing animation, it still goes well beyond what we all watched as Saturday morning cartoons. The flexible technique may be adjusted in order to achieve various tones and effects.

William Gadea, Founder and Creative Director of IdeaRocket, classifies 3D animation into three main styles: iconic, editorial, and popular.

  • Iconic style – not a lot of facial features, simplified geometric shapes, contemporary and modern.
  • Editorial style – scenes and figures are more realistic, a bit more buttoned up. Like the New Yorker Magazine.
  • Popular style – comic book feeling. The animation is colorful and fun. Exaggerated proportions on characters. Like Bugs Bunny.

Select from those styles that are based on the way they fit in with your brand’s style and voice. For example, a financial service company’s branding might align much better with the editorial or iconic style instead of the popular style. When you partner with a video production company such as Vebu, they will be able to help you select the style that matches your brand the best.

2D animation is a very versatile technique. From cutting edge, heart-warming, contemporary to classic, 2D animation provides the broadest range of styles. A majority of brands may find one that matches the best with their brand persona. Also, many individuals grew up watching cartoons on TV, they are frequently happy to engage with stories that are in 2D animation. The technique is able to create effective emotional resonance which strikes a chord with numerous viewers. It isn’t an inexpensive technique, but a majority of brands find it well worth the money.

3D Animation

Pros: Illustrates physicality, ultra-modern, and high-tech looking

Cons: Can be expensive, human figures may be challenging

One of the advantages of 3D, which is also referred to as CGI, is that it describes the physicality or shape of a place or product very well. 3D animation has objects and depth in the scene that exist within realistic relation with one another. If the look and shape of something are important, 3D frequently a good option. With careful shading and lighting, 3D animation becomes closer to real-life compared to other techniques. Around 75% of Ikea’s catalog is CGI, and at times is hard to tell the difference.

What is difficult to do in 3D realistically is human figures and faces. High-quality 3D has a problem called uncanny valley. Since the human figure and face are complex, and individuals instinctively try reading body language and facial expressions. Whenever characters are hyper-realistic, they are seen by a human eye as real, but it is signaled by the brain that something is a bit off. Watching that type of animation may actually make the viewer uncomfortable. Instead of approachable, characters appear to be creepy.

Although 3D animation may look really good, creating the mechanism in order to animate characters, which is called rig, and then animating it, may be expensive and time-intensive. When there are not any human characters, 3D animation is usually the best animation technique, or whenever human characters are very stylized so that they avoid the uncanny valley problem. 3D animated medical illustrations, for example, can really look spectacular. For companies that are attempting to project an advanced or high-tech image, then the job can be done very well by 3D animated motion graphs.

How to choose the best animation technique for you

When it comes to selecting an animation technique, it should not be an arbitrary choice. Instead, it should be based on your goals, timeline, budget, how you are planning on using the video, and other considerations. The most important thing is to choose the animation technique that fits your needs the best. is a creative service agency covering video production, Animation, Branding and SEO

Choosing a Video Animation Production Agency

What should you think about when choosing an animation agency?

You’ve only got to type in animation agency into Google before you get bombarded with pages of options.

Here’s why we think you should use Vebu.

We are storytellers at heart

It’s important that you engage your audience. Let’s give this story a bit of emotion whilst weaving your own company story into the picture.

We’ve also been producing motion graphics videos for a wide variety of businesses. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, Fintech, education or banking, we’ve had a go at telling their tale.

We understand how to take our clients through the production process so they feel comfortable with us and how we are telling their story.

We have a well-developed video production process.

Before we put pen to paper and write a script, it’s important we get to know our clients business, their product or service, what key messages they are trying to get across and who their target audience is.

Writing the script

video animation script

We create a Message House of opinions, but for a short 90-second explainer video or promotional film there has to be one over-riding theme.

What one sentiment do you want to leave your customers with having watched this video production?

It’s this one key message that will guide the copywriter through the process of writing the script.

Once the script is signed off we can produce a storyboard. It’s important that at every stage of the video production process is signed off. Each stage becomes progressively more expensive to complete so you want to avoid making changes to the script at a later stage, especially during the production stage, because it becomes comparatively more expensive to make these changes at a late stage of the video production process.

Creating an Animation Storyboard

The storyboard is a simple visual representation of how key scenes look in relation to the script.

During the script writing process we will start showing you some visual ideas taken from key areas of the script.

This gives you the chance to get involved and provide some feedback.

If you like what you are seeing, we will progress to completing the storyboard

As a client looking at a storyboard you should feel confident that we have thoroughly explained how this animation will look and feel when we present the final edit to you.

During the storyboard stage we will also discuss the sound design, music bed and voice-over artist.

It’s also important for us that our customers are completely happy with what they are seeing because invariably we are working to a fixed cost. If the client makes changes having seen the edit then successive rounds of changes eat into our profits.

Once the storyboard is signed off we can progress into the production itself

Animation Production Process

Once the storyboard is complete we start the build itself. The motion graphics designer will use the assets they have created from the storyboard.

The most popular professional standard motion graphics software is After Effects created by Adobe.

It’s within this bit of software that the motion graphics designer brings the story to life.

We will record the voice-over artist in a professional voice-over studio or many voice-over artists have their own studios at home – a small booth in a side room usually.

It’s amazing how many times I’ve seen a perfectly decent animation ruined because a company hasn’t used a professional voice-over artist. Why spend £5,000 and then scrimp on paying a professional £400 to voice it up for you? Madness.

Sound Design

Sound design in the animation process is not to be underestimated. This isn’t the music bed but lovely sound effects as text or icons animate on to the screen.

If your motion graphics company hasn’t mentioned it, make sure you do. Sound design can really lift a 2d animation


It’s important that you get your animation company to deliver your promotional video in various formats.

It’s also common practice for you to have an uncompressed version of the edit. By this I mean, a very large file that hasn’t been encoded.

This means that in the future, whenever you want to encode this animation yourselves, you always have the best possible resolution to do this from.

Vebu always archives all of its jobs so for us to provide this service to our clients in the future is not a problem.

You need to make sure your 3D animation studio is also doing this as well.

Marketing your promotional video

You have a promotional video, but who’s going to see it?

A significant chunk of the budget you have set aside for video production should be for marketing the video. How are you going to get this great content in front of the right people?

Getting the right people to watch your video content requires a long-term marketing plan. Just sticking it up on YouTube and hoping for the best isn’t going to work. Even correctly tagging, subtitling and correctly labeling video content has a limited effect.

Video’s that have gone ballistic online have done so because of the following things;

1.A famous person has been paid a lot of money to promote it

2.It’s gone viral. Which is very unlikely for your video

There is another way, and it’s very effective. More of that in a moment.

Companies that claim that they can promote your video to thousands of potential clients around the world, unless one of the above has happened, are talking nonsense.

They will claim many people have watched it because they’ve posted your content to untrustworthy sites that may or may have not been seen by a robot whilst your content gets played against some completely inappropriate content.

Here’s what we do. It takes time.

Start small. Over a period of time build up a marketing list of appropriate people to promote your content to.

Rather than hope for millions hope for hundreds, but hundreds of the right people.

Build your database up monthly. Post-beneficial content that your clients will genuinely find interesting. This maybe written content in blog posts that compliments your video content.

Slowly but surely you will grow a loyal base of customers, who at some point when looking for your service, will turn to you.

Your video marketing strategy has to sit within your overall marketing strategy.

Think about content that will benefit your customers, align it with your overall marketing strategy and you will start producing video content that has a discernable effect on sales.

A great example of a video content strategy that drives sales

Big disclaimer – this isn’t a client of ours but we love what they are doing.

This is a great example of video content – which we didn’t produce (!) that is part of a video marketing strategy. Focusrite are a very successful UK company that makes pre-amps for the music industry.

They are developed a great following with up and coming young artists.

One of the ways they have developed this following is filming many different artists with an array of stories using Focusrite equipment.

The video content is very engaging. It shows the equipment being used. There’s no stronger compliment than a customer you respect saying great things about your business.


(video link)

If you need any help creating a video or animation marketing strategy when please get in touch with us at Vebu at

Promotional films we like

Promotional Films we Like

Shooting a promotional film about your own company can get enormously over-complicated. What to write, what to show. Key messages.

Which is why I love the old Zendesk video from a couple of years back. It’s just soooo simple. It’s simple and honest. It’s a “this is who we are” video and it works.

So don’t over think what you are trying to get across. In a 90 second promotional video your viewer will probably remember just one or two things.

Zendesk just try and say “This is who we are, and if you like this, we can do business together.”

There’s no better way of promoting your business than through a happy client. Video case studies showing how your product works and how it’s benefited a client are the best way to promote your business.

Better still show how; it’s improved your clients’ business, perhaps created better work flows or made them more efficient.

Businesses like to be linked to great ideas or solutions. It reflects well on them too.

See if you can add a strong human story. We shoot many videos for tech companies and we always stress to clients it’s important to show how these solutions are benefiting customers on a human level.

Some ideas just don’t need a lot of explaining. It’s a mood with strong pictures. We shot acclaimed Norfolk chef Matthew Owsley Brown cooking in a forest near his home. He’s a fantastic chef. You can see this from his cooking. Life made simple. Video Production couldn’t be easier.

Norfolk Forest from Vebu Creatives on Vimeo.