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Solventis – Case study of Video Production
Solventis – Case study of Video Production

  Solventis wanted to reflect the worldwide nature of their marketplace whilst positioning themselves as Europe’s largest chemical distributer. They asked Vebu to produce a 2 minute video to be shot in the UK and their facility in Antwerp. The project was split...

How video content can enhance your ecommerce store and generate more sales

A successful store is made up of a variety of content and could include written text descriptions, images, blog entries, reviews and increasingly, videos. Research has shown that using videos in your ecommerce store can radically improve your conversion rate and generate more sales. In fact, one study revealed that customers were more than 60% more likely to buy your product after viewing a video of it.

Why having your company event filmed professionally could be one of the best decisions you make

This is the video generation. From the fuzzy filming of crazy antics seen through car windows to impromptu captures of flash mobs, mobile phones have made video the most shared technology in the world. As a result, failing to film your company event professionally is likely to result in a very different kind of film – the selfie generation’s version of your carefully crafted corporate occasion.

Saying more with animation

We all know that animation sells breakfast cereals and enthralls pre-school kids (and otherwise moody teenagers!) but one of the fastest growing uses of animation is in the business world.

Video marketing – the effective way to win more customers

“Video killed the radio star” – or so the Buggles sang. And it’s true. Video has killed not just radio stars but also many forms of marketing. Text was overtaken by text and image: cartoons, glossy photos and striking art and text and image has been almost nullified by video.

Video is an essential element of marketing

For many companies, from one man bands to multinationals, video has become part of their marketing mix – essential, attractive and easy to create when you have the right team working with you. For others, it’s still a little mysterious.

The changing face of video production

But while everyone has the means to be a filmmaker, not everyone can be a filmmaker. Just because the cost of equipment tore down the barriers to entry, it doesn’t mean we should join in. In the same way self-publishing has led a plethora of bad books clogging up the internet, the price and availability of creative tools has led to a lot of exceptionally dreadful video content. This is where Vebu comes in.

Vebu is here to change how we make video’s

Times are a chang’in in the world of creating promotional video’s and online video marketing campaigns. Using marketing and ad agencies or even video production companies isn’t necessarily needed if you want to make a promotional video for your company. There are many very talented shoot Directors, editors and animation producers who can provide a fantastic service without the agency fees.

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