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Video Production Agencies Have Become The New Creative Powerhouses

Over the last few decades, the advertising industry has faced major change and disruption to its daily life. During the late 1990s and the early 2000s, traditional methods of advertising were being phased by the internet and social media revolution. The financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 also led to budget cuts and economic slowdown as the advertising industry become more digitalized.


Several of the most well-known brands like Visa and Coca Cola have made drastic changes to their ad spending. The year of 2015 even saw the biggest leading advertiser Proctor And Gamble making large cuts in their advertising budgets. Advertising agencies affiliated with them suffered since they were solely on a mission to save up to a whopping half of a billion in ad fees.


Besides tight financial budgets, the advertising industry has seen a complete re-evaluation on how they make their pounds as the digital age takes over. However, recent years has taught us that the shift has left the markets in undecided faith.


The Digitalisation Of Advertising


Social media has revolutionised the way that we view stats and they’ve indicated that the online world demands videos more than anything else. Roughly 82% of users on the popular platform Twitter seek video content while the watch count of Youtube viewers is surpassing expectations with over 1 billion hours each day.


However, this is nothing more than a simple shift as the internet continues on its rampage changing every aspect of the advertising industry. The internet is also responsible for changing the distribution processes of content as well. All of this is because just about anyone these days has a smartphone and can easily post and share videos as much as they want without any costs attached.


The online audience now expects to have a certain amount of videos present each day from their favourite brands. This constant pressure has paved the way for brands to create and post captivating content on a frequent basis. Hence the videos being made as also change as most businesses and brands are using segmented content.


Influential trendsetter agencies are also now being undercut since ad budgets have decreased along with the frequency in ads. This left most of them falling into a black hole. Lately, production companies consisting of professional well trained and experienced teams of production and video experts have found themselves in a strikingly new position. They’re now acting as mini agencies that offer creative market and product activation.


Bypassing The Ad Agencies

Ad agency


Qualcomm is one of the few companies that went through the brand evading stages that most traditional companies went through. In 2012 they secured the first AveMachine that produced animated films and became Americas first multinational telecom company to do so. However, the AveMachine was also known for winning several awards.


Qualcomm’s head of brand strategy Liya Sharif shared company views of why the company sidestepped advertising agencies and went to a very experienced company. She indicated that they were able to not only create but also direct what they were working on. She further stated that the company brought a new level of expertise that regular agencies failed to do.


The advertising agency of Victors And Spoils CEO John Winsor gave a striking assessment on why brands were leaving agencies in the dust and how innovative technology was changing every step of the process. Technology led to the development of crowdfunded ideas as brand content was distributed freely on social media platforms.


He indicated that agencies used to be the one changing culture until a rise in tech. Creative ideas are now coming from persons who are versed in the same software and tools that agencies used.


Agencies Are Now Adapting The Practices Of Video Production Companies

Ad agencies now have a true stepping stone since they are embracing and immersing themselves in a more collaborative and digitilized technological era. Ad agencies now realise that in order to adapt to such rapid changes, they need to produce more digital content in an effort to combat the potential threats that they face.


BBDO representative David Rolfe of a New York based agency says that agencies capabilities need to become the soul of existing agencies. He went on to suggest that when agencies employ these capabilities, the creative process flows from the beginning; and it aids with addressing different types of content whether big or small.


Many of the larger brands around the world has decided to make inhouse creative ads since they are faced with tighter budgets. Hence the middle man or the ad agency is cut out of the process.


With that said, traditional agencies are far from being outdated in a technologically advanced era. They need to grow and many are now evolving and adapting to practices, demands and trends. These and more are accomplished by creatively outsourcing their video tasks to companies that are more experienced. This ensures that they stay competitive in the ever-changing world of digital content. would like to hear your thoughts on this, Get in touch

Rebranding: Why it is important and how to get it right

Just like old paint, brands also fade away with time. It reaches a point when something that was once cool becomes ordinary. This is because its vibrancy diminishes and its appealing looks become normal. The only way to resurrect such business or company is through rebranding. So what is to rebrand a business? According to Amy Aitman, to rebrand a business means to reshape your company or remodel it. When speaking of remodelling, I am not just referring to the brand. I am also talking about the logo and the website among many other things that make up a company. Anyone who has done marketing will tell you that remodelling your business is a great way of refreshing your overall look. It is a way of sending a message to your clients and informing them that you are still soaring high.

Refreshing your company’s look is only one reason for you to consider remodelling, the other reason is when two companies are merging. Not unless one company is being absorbed by the other, remodeling should be a factor to be considered. This is because both of you have a different reputation, and over the years, you have been doing things differently. By remodelling, you will be putting individualism aside and starting a whole new company that is new and vibrant. Despite sounding like an easy thing, remodelling can be both tough and challenging. The fear that the new look might not be better than the old look is enough to stress you out. That is why you see some businesses improving on their old look. This usually prevents the complete assassination of their signature design.

Why is business rebrandinf important?

Now that you have a clear understanding of rebranding as a whole. Let’s expound further and have a look at the importance of transforming your whole company’s outlook.

Remodelling helps to usher in new leadership
Remodelling due to change of leadership is often realised in private companies. In many cases, you will find that by remodelling, you can send a message that this company has shifted its focus and it’s going to be better under new leadership. We have seen so many companies that have remodelled due to change in leadership, and most of them have ended up being very successful.

In most cases, when you hear a company is planning to remodel due to new leadership, there is usually a common reason why. In most cases, the CEO or owner is new to the company. It is very hard to find an existing employee remodelling a business just because he or she is the owner. So instead of printing on billboards that the company has a new owner. You can rebrand and let it speak for itself.

It usually breaks the business monotony.

There is nothing bad like losing potential clients just because they can no longer stand your monotony. Companies with reasonable marketing team tend to rebrand as soon as they realise this. It might end up being costly, but the sacrifice is usually worth it in the long run. Through remodelling, you get to lure in new clients says blue frog dynamic marketing website. Within some time you will find the new look attracting a huge number of clients more than you used to.

A company that has been rebranded to kill monotony often comes out stronger than it used to be. The new look will cause a huge market tremor, and at the end of the day you will end up having an easy time convincing leads to join you in your new journey. Just remember to come up with a much better look than the previous one.

To remain competitive

Branding is a huge way to advertise your company in style. Once you realise that you have started slipping off, start thinking of remodelling. That is the only way you will be able to remain competitive. If you don’t do it sooner, your chances of coming back to the top will be getting slimmer as days go by. at we believe that a rebrand is essential for any business to keep abreast with competitors.

In case you have one competitor, and they rebrand before you do, the chances are that you will end up losing most of your business to them. By remodelling, you are sending competitive signals to your customers. In most cases, the signal is usually to say you are stronger than them. Remodelling always has a way of making your brand superior to the competitors. That is why you will see people remodelling their brands after some years; it always makes them remain competitive.

Through remodelling, you can clarify your intentions
Several people tend to use remodelling as a way to make their objectives clear to the market. This often affects people who started their businesses with a specific name without knowing it would be misinterpreted later on. So to clarify the kind of goods or services they are offering, they rebrand the name and make it more specific or straight forward. You will find remodelling working perfectly as opposed to other methods.

This indicates that remodelling can also be the changing of a business name to help sell a specific story that no other method has managed to sell. It is, however, important to do this type of remodelling while the business is still young. That way, it will not end up confusing your loyal clients. If you do it after the company has matured, the chances are that people will misinterpret the message, and that may affect you significantly.

Rebranding can help clean up a business reputation

Many times you will see businesses get remodelled then the words ‘under new management’ included. Most businesses that do this tend to clean up their name in an effective way. Maybe the previous management didn’t have any code of ethics, or perhaps the group was made of people who are not passionate enough. Either way, according to the entrepreneur, the only way to outgrow the bad reputation is to rebrand.

This way, people will no longer associate the business with its previous reputation. What follows after remodelling is the production of quality goods to convince the customers. Eventually, the company will pick up and become a whole different venture with new strategies. People will end up forgetting that the company had a bad reputation at some point. Remodelling will enable you to start a fresh and help you build a new legacy.

How to get branding right

Contrary to the common expectation, remodelling is not usually successful. There are so many companies that tried to remodel to experience the above benefits but instead ended up failing big time. That is why it is important to remodel the right way. Doing so will go a long way in enabling you to realise your intentions. Below are some of the ways on how to do remodelling right.

Do intensive research and come up with a powerful strategy
The biggest mistake you can ever do is remodelling blindly. Make sure you do proper analysis and come up with a strategy. Don’t rush in doing something just for the sake of it. Try and think about the brand you want to develop, its purpose, and whether it rhymes with your target audience. Forbes also agrees that conducting a survey and analysis is mandatory when changing the brand of your business. Once you have that figured out, start thinking about the personality of the new brand. All those factors should be considered before initialising the remodelling of the company.

Once you have done the research, develop a strategy. That strategy should be followed to the latter. After all, there is no need of coming up with a strategy if you know you won’t adhere to it. Many businesses that have a remodelling failure is due to lack of strategy or due to having one but not sticking to the strategy. You should thus not make the mistake of not sticking to your strategy.

Let your Brand Imitate your business

To avoid consumer confusions, ensure that your brand and your business is one thing. Don’t come up with a brand that doesn’t match what your company is about. Couch and associates website states that poor remodelling of the business can lead to loss of opportunity. This is because there will be confusion among people. The more try to figure out which is which, the more hectic it will be for your business.

The only way to give a clear perspective to your consumers is by developing a brand that conforms to your business. This includes the theme of the business, the name of the business as well as the layout. Ensuring that your brand imitates your business will guarantee the success of your remodelling.

Don’t dwell so much on bug details and forget about the small details.

Once you have your remodelling design ready, take your time to ensure that it is detailed. In most cases, the remodelling idea can be plain, but with the gradual addition of some small designs, you find that the result is one of the best remodelling styles that you never thought of. That is why it is important to pay attention to the small business.

This is where a branding agency comes in. A good agency will be able to internalise your remodelling idea and come up with something much better. This is because they know where to fix small details and where not to. They know how to make your picture bigger and better. With some minute tweaks, they can give you something better and transformative.

Don’t focus on how the idea looks now, but how it will look years later.

This is what I call timelessness. A brand should be built to last. That is why when you are remodelling your business, the term timelessness should constantly ring in your mind. This is yet another section of remodelling that requires a branding agency. An experienced person should be able to help you to come up with a timeless strategy. One that will remain fresh years from now.

If your strategy lacks a sense of time, your remodelling idea will only be able to remain attractive for a short period. After that, your business will go back to maintain that same old look you were trying to avoid. So whenever you are coming up with a strategy, make sure that it is long lasting. A remodelling strategy that can last for more than a decade and still make sense to your clients. A good rebranding agency in London can ensure that.

If you have a look at every detail that I have talked about, my main aim has been to enable you to see the importance of effective business remodelling. That is because most people tend to think that remodelling is as easy as it sounds. That is why they start initialising the process without having the slightest idea on where to begin. This makes them come up with a simple strategy, and within two days, the business is remodelled. One common outcome that is inevitable for anyone who takes that route is a failure. And as you have learned from the above information, it is easy to come up with a remodelling strategy but very hard to implement it.

For you to come up with a successful business remodelling, you need to involve several parties. This includes branding agencies, and even stakeholders says Louisa Mc Grath, author of Lucid Press. That is the only way that you will come up with something complex and great. Without incorporating these people, chances are that you will end up with a very basic brand. Trust me, you might spend more bringing in a specialised team, but if you start calculating its importance, you will find that it is a much smaller price to pay considering what you will end up earning. The last thing you do is to remodel your business only for it to fail right before your eyes. So take the initiative and plan your remodelling strategy before initialising the process. In the long run, you will end up with a strong, appealing, and timeless brand that you never thought of.

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The Circular Economy & Branding – Notes from a Speech by Nick Liddell

What is the Circular Economy

Vebu caught up with some of the key speakers at the Transform Conference where we heard The Clearing‘s Nick Liddell discussing the circular economy.

The idea of the circular economy revolves around the premise of zero wastage from producing goods in the world today. Image if we could recycle 100% of the materials used in any given goods.

The economics behind this make for very sound reading. We live in a linear world where we are consuming ever more goods; production needs to increase, and we are running out of the raw materials needed to keep up. The traditional manufacturing processes are struggling to extract profit because we all want these goods ever more cheaply. While, even in poorer countries, wages are slowly rising, the rate of consumption of goods is rising even faster still.

The circular economy revolves around the principle of total recycling, looked at from an economical perspective.

Let’s go over some of the key points from Nick Liddell’s talk:

How do we implement the principles behind the circular economy? 

There are now many ways in which we can make better use of the raw materials we have at hand.

First off, we can design out the waste – that is, looking at what would otherwise be considered waste in a new way, giving it new life.  Reuse, repair or refurbish. Furniture reuse is an obvious one here.

Cascading of resources is also becoming mainstream. That is, using the by-products of production to make other products. Marmite has been around for decades, the base product of this delightful spread coming from the brewing of beer. We are now able to produce jet fuel as a bi-product of the steel industry.

Modular design is another great way of making efficient use of resources. Modular design means that when one part of an item needs replacing it can be detached and replaced whilst leaving the rest intact.

Changing sense of ownership

Nick finished his talk with a word on the changing sense of ownership. Do we still need to own anything? We’ve seen the change in ownership in cars and music, it doesn’t have to stop there.

There’s also the idea of viewing your clothes in much the same way that people are now viewing music –  not fully owning them but instead merely renting them over a period of time. Think of models used by companies like Airbnb – could you make money out of the clothes your not wearing?

If we are constantly seeing products move through a life-cycle of re-design and re-invention during their own life-cycles we are merely owning them for a part of their lives.

All in all, it was interesting talk and we’d recommend you catch Nick Liddell from the Clearing when you can.

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Matt Gardner


How video content can enhance your ecommerce store and generate more sales

A successful store is made up of a variety of content and could include written text descriptions, images, blog entries, reviews and increasingly, videos.

Research has shown that using videos in your ecommerce store can radically improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

In fact, one study revealed that customers were more than 60% more likely to buy your product after viewing a video of it.

It’s these kinds of statistics which are really compelling but if you still need convincing, here’s some more information about how video content could enhance your ecommerce store.

Get it on Google

Although you might have some traffic driven to you via direct marketing, you will inevitably be looking to push your store high up the Google rankings.

By improving your SEO score, you will improve your Google ranking and in turn are more likely to be seen by potential customers searching for the products you offer.

There’s lots of ways to push your store higher up the Google search results, but the majority are constantly changing and take a lot of hard work to maintain. Video content offers an easy way to score highly and it’s relatively easy to achieve too.

Videos now have separate entries in the Google search results which mean that you’ve got an even better chance of being seen, especially if your competitors aren’t yet up to speed.

Google also ranks your site on the length of time visitors spend there, so as video content will keep them engage for longer, it’s a win-win situation.

Word of mouth

Reaching your target audience can be achieved in a number of ways but one of the most compelling is word of mouth.

Getting someone to share your content is invaluable and can give you a reach which would otherwise be hard to achieve.

Research has repeatedly shown that video content is much more likely to be clicked and shared compared to a page of pure text.

In addition, content which includes a video thumbnail is far more likely to be clicked on than a link which has no attached image.

Capture their attention

Marketing experts suggest that you have no more than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your customer before they click away and leave your site.

You might be a master wordsmith but written content often doesn’t do your products justice. In the modern digital age, customers are used to being bombarded with vivid bright images and shown products in full, glorious detail. Having to read long chunks of text to find out exactly what you’re offering is likely to be simply too much effort.

A video by contrast will engage your customers immediately and enable you to far more effectively convey the energy of your brand, and show off your product to its full potential. A picture is worth a thousand words…..and when that pictures moves as well, its ecommerce gold.

Encourages loyalty

By creating a video, your customers will have the opportunity to see what’s behind the brand and to connect with you more directly.

This engagement is an extremely successful marketing technique and has been used to great effect in social media. Having a more personal connection with your customers provides a much greater chance of them developing brand loyalty, and feeling like they’re being given a more individual buying experience which is tailored to them.

Looking at the research it’s hard to see why any ecommerce store isn’t making the most of video content. From capturing the imagination of a potential customer, to ranking more highly on Google, video content is set to rule the internet….at least until something even better comes along.