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How video content can enhance your ecommerce store and generate more sales

A successful store is made up of a variety of content and could include written text descriptions, images, blog entries, reviews and increasingly, videos.

Research has shown that using videos in your ecommerce store can radically improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

In fact, one study revealed that customers were more than 60% more likely to buy your product after viewing a video of it.

It’s these kinds of statistics which are really compelling but if you still need convincing, here’s some more information about how video content could enhance your ecommerce store.

Get it on Google

Although you might have some traffic driven to you via direct marketing, you will inevitably be looking to push your store high up the Google rankings.

By improving your SEO score, you will improve your Google ranking and in turn are more likely to be seen by potential customers searching for the products you offer.

There’s lots of ways to push your store higher up the Google search results, but the majority are constantly changing and take a lot of hard work to maintain. Video content offers an easy way to score highly and it’s relatively easy to achieve too.

Videos now have separate entries in the Google search results which mean that you’ve got an even better chance of being seen, especially if your competitors aren’t yet up to speed.

Google also ranks your site on the length of time visitors spend there, so as video content will keep them engage for longer, it’s a win-win situation.

Word of mouth

Reaching your target audience can be achieved in a number of ways but one of the most compelling is word of mouth.

Getting someone to share your content is invaluable and can give you a reach which would otherwise be hard to achieve.

Research has repeatedly shown that video content is much more likely to be clicked and shared compared to a page of pure text.

In addition, content which includes a video thumbnail is far more likely to be clicked on than a link which has no attached image.

Capture their attention

Marketing experts suggest that you have no more than 10 seconds to capture the attention of your customer before they click away and leave your site.

You might be a master wordsmith but written content often doesn’t do your products justice. In the modern digital age, customers are used to being bombarded with vivid bright images and shown products in full, glorious detail. Having to read long chunks of text to find out exactly what you’re offering is likely to be simply too much effort.

A video by contrast will engage your customers immediately and enable you to far more effectively convey the energy of your brand, and show off your product to its full potential. A picture is worth a thousand words…..and when that pictures moves as well, its ecommerce gold.

Encourages loyalty

By creating a video, your customers will have the opportunity to see what’s behind the brand and to connect with you more directly.

This engagement is an extremely successful marketing technique and has been used to great effect in social media. Having a more personal connection with your customers provides a much greater chance of them developing brand loyalty, and feeling like they’re being given a more individual buying experience which is tailored to them.

Looking at the research it’s hard to see why any ecommerce store isn’t making the most of video content. From capturing the imagination of a potential customer, to ranking more highly on Google, video content is set to rule the internet….at least until something even better comes along.

The changing face of video production

The changing face of video production

Think back to when Michael Jackson was still dancing in graveyards and Madonna was giving it some in fishnet tights. Then, a camera crew needed two vehicles. The camera and kit was big, cumbersome and expensive, and the unions insisted upon a four-man crew, plus producer, plus assistant and runner.

Although the video production industry had already moved on from film to tape, the footage had to be edited in real time and the machines to do that were not portable, which meant a trip back to base, and engaging the services of an editor. All took time and racked up the cost.

Fast forward to now, and although nothing much has changed for Madonna, the way a video is produced is beyond recognition.

Back in the 80’s, when Apple Macs and IBM PCs were big, shiny and new, the seeds of the change were being sowed. Technology in the last three decades has improved so rapidly that everyone is now a film maker – we all have smart phones that shoot video and apps that enable us to edit are available at a mere £1.49.

But while everyone has the means to be a filmmaker, not everyone can be a filmmaker. Just because the cost of equipment tore down the barriers to entry, it doesn’t mean we should join in. In the same way self-publishing has led a plethora of bad books clogging up the internet, the price and availability of creative tools has led to a lot of exceptionally dreadful video content.

This is where Vebu comes in. The advantages of cheap technology means there is a huge amount of creative people out there. Vebu has access to these wonderful people – and can match your needs to their skills. Just as we know Michael Bay’s strengths lie in producing big budget blockbusters and we wouldn’t dream of asking him to work on a grainy film noir, we know the strong points of everyone we work with and make sure you get exactly what you need – whether it’s someone who works fast, exceptionally creative or very solid and cost effective.

We believe that budget should not prevent you from the chance to work with some exceptionally creative people. Vebu’s mission, to paraphrase a well-known coffee chain, is to make the world a better place, one video at a time.

vebu – recommending the best production people for your project and budget.

Vebu is here to change how we make video’s

Vebu is here to change how we make video’s

Times are a chang’in in the world of creating promotional video’s and online video marketing campaigns. Using marketing and ad agencies or even video production companies isn’t necessarily needed if you want to make a promotional video for your company. There are many very talented shoot Directors, editors and animation producers who can provide a fantastic service without the agency fees.

That’s why I created Vebu with Simon Banks from Tallboy Communications.

Both Simon and I started our own TV careers over 20 years ago in TV news and when we set-up our own companies in corporate land we wanted to bring with us TV production values. Well, it’s time to update this business model once more. In the early 2000’s it was all about using multi-skilled operators and we’ve all gotten used to that.

Now we can take it one step further – let’s put businesses in touch with shoot Directors who can provide creative, high production value services and a more personal service without big mark-ups. I don’t even think we’ll be eating into the traditional markets that marketing and Ad agencies work in where businesses need a full over-reaching client service.

We’ve set up Vebu for the smaller businesses who are savvy enough to understand they need to commission video content but don’t need the worldwide marketing campaign along with it. We vet all of the producers and cameraman on Vebu. It’s not a free for all when you tender a job. So you won’t get fifty companies bombarding you with calls. We’ll select half a dozen for you to look at and hold your hand through the production process.

So if you want to commission a video then get in touch we’d like to hear from you.

All the best

Matt Gardner