Tips On Video Pre-Production 2020.

If you are going to create a marketing video, you need to be organized and well prepared to succeed in video production. If you are not organized and decide to shoot the video without a plan, then you can expect nothing less but poor results. However, when you are organized and prepared, you can focus your mind on what matters most and avoid last minute rash.

Time is precious, therefore, do not waste any of it. Make sure that you have a script ready a day or two before the big day comes. Be sure of what needs to be said and from which point of view or angle. Here are a few steps to that you might want to follow to help you succeed in such a complex project.

1. Be Unique And Original With Your Content.

If you want your marketing video to be a success, then it is advisable that be creative with your concept and be original. That means come-up with your own ideas and not still someone else’s concept. You can look for ideas on the web, where you can gather even more details such as which marketing videos have great returns on investment in your business sector. Moreover, you can also use the same channel to find out whether the idea you have is used by another marketer or not.

2. Be organized

Before you start shooting your marketing video, make sure that you plan everything in advance. Make sure that you cover the following basics, writing the script, create a short detailed list, and outline a storyboard. Have an alternative footage so that it can be easy for you to work on when it comes to editing.

3. Be Specific About The Video Subjects You Want To Use.

With video production, it is vital that you set standards for your casting actors. That means you need to find someone who is easy to work with and can memorize the script without any problems. Furthermore, make sure that they can deliver your message in a natural manner. when you find the ideal person for the job, make sure that you practice in advance before shooting the main film.

4. Be Careful And Creative With The Setting

When it comes to video setting, be real and honest with your audience. The best way you can do this is to record your marketing footage in different locations. However, make sure that the areas you choose to shoot the video are not too crowded or busy.

Film Making Tips

Film Making tip 2020

Even though you can always edit the film after recording, it is advisable that you try to perfect each detail of your video production process to save time. Editing is not an easy task and can take much of your time than would expect. Therefore, shooting a video with fewer mistakes will save you a lot of time from editing. If you are not satisfied with the end results, find out what needs to be changed before shooting the video again.

5. Consider Having Quality Sound During Video Production.

Good video footage with poor sound quality will not attract anyone’s attention. Therefore, make sure that you invest in quality sound as well if you want the message to be heard clearly. Use microphones that are manufactured to top leading bands. Moreover, request for wireless microphones since they are easy to work with during video production.

6. Lights Setting.

During video production, make sure that everything can be seen clearly without being exposed to too much lighting. Because of these reasons, you might want to invest in a quality lighting setup such as the three-point lighting.

7. Keep You Videos Stable Using A Tripod.

If you do not want your videos to be shaking during production, then it is advisable that you use a strong tripod to hold your camera in place when shooting the videos. Furthermore, make sure that you have a tabletop tripod and a standing tripod as well so that you can get stable footage from any position.

8. Do not Loss Focus When Shooting Videos.

When shooting your videos, pay close attention to each detail without losing focus. That means the camera should be stable and focused and remember to lock or switch on the exposure so that the camera does not lose focus easily. Also, remember to keep the footages white balanced so that the lighting can be neutral from all angles.

9. stick To Rule Of Thirds During Video Production.

When filming that your footage is in line with the rule of thirds, which requires you to divide your shots into three sections which are vertically, horizontally and placing the main subject off-center. This creates a story line in your footage, which is something difficult to achieve with only straight-on shots.

Video Production Editing Tips

If you want your marketing video to attract viewers attention, the make sure that it is unique and well detailed. Get rid of unnecessary scenes when editing and make sure that the footage runs smoothly without dragging. Have in mind that you only have a limited period to grab your audience attention. Therefore, make sure that your video is not only relevant, but informative and engaging right from the start.

10. Make Your Video Unforgettable For The Viewers.

Besides seeing your marketing video, you want the viewers to be carried away both mentally and emotionally as well and the best way to do this is to use proper tone, speed, and structure on your video. The layout of your storyline should be overwhelming and lastly, make sure that you arrange the footage in a way that the script and storyboard flow together.

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11. Take Advantage Of B-roll

B-roll footage can be sued to cover up any cuts that you may have done on your videos. Moreover, there are various websites where you can get a b-roll, a good example is the Vizeedy domain. This is a great option when you do not have time to create your own b-roll.

12. Use Soundtrack For The Background.

A soundtrack playing in the background will project your message even more. However, make sure that the soundtrack is not too loud otherwise it might sound annoying for the audience. If you do not have a soundtrack of your own, you can download free stock soundtracks from sites such as AudioMicro. Furthermore, be sure to choose a soundtrack that is not licensed otherwise you will end up losing what you have been working for.

13. Optimize The Text In You Video.

You do not want the viewers to struggle reading the text content in your video. That is why it is advisable that you use a bold and clear font for your text. You can also use text animations to attract the viewer’s attention.

14. Your Video Should Meet All The Requirements Set By The Platform You Choose To Use.

Before you publish your marketing video on any platform, make sure that it meets all the necessary requirements put in place by that particular platform. Either you want to upload your video on social networks such as Facebook and YouTube or post it on your website, make sure that it is optimized to the right specifications. Furthermore, do not forget to use captions on your videos since most viewers do not watch videos while the volume is turned on.

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