We like a Good Story

When someone watches a film or reads a story they are more likely to engage with that story if they can empathise with the key characters involved.

A product video is going to have a greater chance of increasing sales if the customer can clearly see how that product is going to benefit them, not just how the product works.

If it’s an IT product then we don’t really want to see inside the hard drive, but we do want to hear about how it reduces the amount of time an IT manager has to spend managing it. We want to hear how the software has improved customer service or increased workflows and to cap it all we want to know how it has increased profits.

If it reduces the amount of time we all have to spend at work that let’s hear about this as well.

But before we hear all of this we need to buy into a central character that we can relate to. This is why we are always keen to use real people in video content rather than actors.

People are naturally suspicious of senior management and obvious scripts!

If I was watching a video about an IT solution at a school I’d like to hear about the people using it: the teachers, parents, and students; NOT the company selling the product.

Do your research

Don’t just rock up to one of your customers and ask to film them onsite. Get to know them and try to find some personal stories about how their business is run, what are the common issues and how you have been able to solve them.

It’s not all about profit and KPIs; people respond best when there’s a human element the video and its story.

Give your central character time to set up the story and background before you get into the meat of the matter. The customer needs to believe who they are before they start hearing about the product.

So I leave you with this thought: if you want to promote your product, find customers who are happy to talk about its benefits and how it’s helped them.

If your audience believes them and trusts them then you’ve got a sale.

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