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We can provide two experiences. The creative agency or hire a freelancer direct. Which ever works for you is good enough for us. So whether you need a rebrand, commission a video, data research or a website, you have the option of Vebu managing that project or putting you in direct contact with our pool of freelancers. We’ve spent time finding the best of the best over the last 15 years; Creative Directors. Designers. Video Directors. Researchers. Data Scientists. SEO Everyone in our pool has been personally vetted. We think our community is a talented passionate bunch and think you will too.

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Finding out what people are saying about your brand is incredibly important. We also want to know what they are saying about your competitors and the marketplace you operate in. We don’t use data in isolation but it’s a good place to start.


Once we understand your business we need to create engaging content that supports your brand but also encourages people to want to know more about you. We need to weave the story of your brand into the minds of your customers.


Your content needs to sit within a campaign strategy.
We ask questions about what perceptions we are trying to change. Who is your target audience? How do they like to receive content? Written? Audio? Video? We create a personality for each customer segmentation and create a campaign around them.


Whilst we have a strong in-house team, we have also spent many years gathering a hugely experienced network of creatives to deliver your project. These include award-winning documentary makers and journalists, strategists, video editors & directors.


Different demographics, customers and businesses populate different media channels. A LinkedIn user likes their content in a different format to a consumer. Whether it’s creating a microsite or a social media campaign we use strict metrics to test it’s success.


Data starts the creative process and finishes it as well. Before we start any campaign we will agree on what constitutes success. We are transparent in the way we report on a monthly basis for our clients. Data mixed with editorial judgement means our clients are clear whether objectives have been achieved.

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We’ve got a great London Based  in-house team backed up by a network of creative directors, research and insight partners, designers, motion graphics designers, video editors and video directors.

Vebu Video Production London has spent the last 15 years building a community of people we enjoy working with. So we can redesign, re-shoot and return whatever you have to market to feel just a touch fresher and buyable.

Vebu branding has been helping a wide range of clients from startups to established mid-sized businesses looking for a refresh. Our services Span from Corporate video production to Branding.

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