Motion Graphics London

We are a London based creative agency with a difference. We have a vast pool of professional
freelance artists who we employ to give you the best creative product possible. We specialise in
motion graphics and we give you complete control over what work gets created, who does it and
when it should be completed. You get to decide what is right for your project.

Our in-house team can reach out to a creative pool of features artists with a broad range of skills. This includes animation, design,
photography, motion graphics and video. We find the best talent in the creative industry to
complete your project.

When it comes to projects themsleves we are heavily schedule focused. All creatives must work to a strict
deadline. This helps to give you peace of mind.

When looking to select an agency to oversee your motion graphics project you need look no

Our services

We manage every step of the creative process for you, though rest assured you can have as much
input as you like. Nothing gets done without your expressed approval.

Whether you want a company rebrand, packaging designed, a promotional video or animation
commissioned, we have a wide range of creatives to choose from to get the job completed.

As an animated video company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our visual artists. We hire the very best experts in motion
graphics London and that the UK has to offer. Each of our video artists has a show reel showcasing
their exceptional technical skills and creativity.

Our workers include; copywriters, video & creative directors, directors of photography,
photographers, motion graphics artists, sound designers, video editors and art designers. They are
ideal for corporate videos, commercials and much more.

With this pool of creative talent, we give you everything you need to ensure a high-quality visual
product. Once you have selected the artists right for you, we see through every stage of the
creative process to deliver you the finished result.

Our process

We begin by giving you an easy to use interface where you can begin telling us what you want
from your project. We have a Brief Builder Tool where you can give us the necessary
information. This can include your budget, desired time frame, background information and what
you hope the project to achieve.

Once this is completed we can reach out to our community of creative professionals, including
experienced motion graphics artists. We will select the right artists for you and present them for
your approval.

We will also send you any responses from these creatives so you can further determine if they
are to your liking.

We can then set up a strict deadline for the work to be completed by. We always make sure that
each stage is finished before moving on to the next.

Production can begin when you have approved all the concepts and each member of the creative
team has been signed off. Throughout production, we shall oversee every aspect of the process to
make sure that the results are of the very highest quality.

When all is completed we can deliver the final product to you in whatever format you choose for
it to be in whether that be for mobile, youtube or your own website.