If you are considering social media for your brand then you need to know what audience you are targeting and how best to reach them.

Three things to keep in mind from the outset:
  • Brand Aware – it should amplify and raise your brand awareness to a new level
  • Engage Your Audience – you need to engage the right target audience on the right platform to fit your strategic goals
  • Brand Advocates – your campaign should aim to build and identify new consumers who want to be associated with your brand and may eventually become new customers

Social media – what’s right for you?


    It’s B2B focused and great for reaching out to new clients. Its promotional campaigns can be very demographically focused. Not so great if your target audience is a consumer.


    People are prepared to watch longer form video because it has to be the right content. Companies who work hard at producing quality content to a targeted audience do well.


    For B2B Instagram should reflect the lighter social side of your business. Instagram does well in B2C – the millennial audience who are used to viewing content on the go with still imagery and video.


    A great platform for getting your news message out there. You need to be wary of this platform though. There are many examples where small errors by big companies has cost them in reputational damage.


    A closed platform where Gen Z hang out. Keep this short. Think snappy 6-second interstitials. If you can grab their attention for a full minute you get a prize.


    Tiktok was a Gen Z hangout so you need to understand whether your brand is the right fit. If you need to raise awareness around a more serious topic then it might be worth considering just as the World Economic Forum have done.