No-one can really avoid Fintech

Technology is reshaping the world around us with seismic changes in the way businesses interact with their customers. Trillions of dollars worth of new financial capacity will move online through the growth in disruptive new ventures over the next ten years.

Transformational tech disruption comes in many forms – blockchain, cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and big data (BD). All bring with them ethical and sociopolitical implications.

Speaking in London World-renowned economist Nouriel Roubini said Fintech will reach into every area of business:
“Fintech will revolutionise payment systems, credit allocation, insurance services, asset management and capital markets. And of course AI will revolutionise manufacturing (robotics and automation) as well as many services (transportation, retail, healthcare, education and even governmental services).”

Vebu has been at the cutting edge of Fintech through our client focused engagement across the sector:

● Our work with Schroeders to help professionals make more informed decisions through insights from industry leading experts.
● Partnering with ATOS – one of the global financial leaders in digital transformation with annual revenues of €11 billion.
● Transformative campaigns with technology giants Dell and Microsoft.
● Supporting wealth management specialists JP Morgan Cazenove who have been trusted to plan for their clients for two centuries.
● As well as helping innovative new start-ups such as One Place who provide project lifecycle management and software service (SAAS) companies like Hard Hat.

If you have a business need – please contact Vebu for a consultation and let us share our expertise.