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We are a full service promotional video production company based in London. We create video’s with an energetic expertise. If you’re looking for enthusiasm, graft, fun and insights from a video production team, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s create your promotional video with passion.

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Launching a newsroom



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Space NK


Launching a newsroom

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Launching a newsroom


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We are an enthusiastic and passionate video production company.

Vebu has been producing promotional video’s for a variety of clients and market sectors for the past twenty years. We shoot in a contemporary style whether it’s for social media, an event or for your website. Vebu is an ideas agency. You’ve come to us expecting to hear the latest ideas in video production that will have the greatest impact. We’ve got you covered.

Creating a promotional video with impact.

It all starts with an idea. We need to grab people’s attention, that’s not necessarily fast paced editing. It needs to be a great idea. Something that makes your business stand out. We know how to do this and have been doing this for some well-known brands and startups for many years.

Why create a promotional video at all?


The click-through rates are much higher with video content than the written word

People like to know what they are buying, what it looks like, the build quality

Customer testimonials. Always include them. No-one sells a product better than a happy customer.

Promoting your video content

There’s no point in making a promotional video unless you are going to promote it.


You need to understand what your customers look like, how old they are and how they like to be spoken to. Make content that fits with how your customers think and live. Don’t make content for 40 year sales people if your target audience prefer TikTok.


You need a hook. What’s the one key message you are trying to get across. Stick to it and keep re-enforcing this thought throughout. This is out message and here are 5 supporting facts that back us up.


You understand who your customers are, you’ve made appropriate content, now promote it to the right channels to give yourself a chance. A and B test headlines & thumbnails. Paid ads are iterative. Trial and error. Then double down when you know what works.

What does video content cost to make?

Call Vebu to discuss your project. There are many variations on the pricing and until we know what you are trying to achieve it’s quite difficult for us to give you an honest price until we’ve discussed the project.

What’s the video production process?

Video Research

We want to get to know you and your objectives, your marketplace, products and competitors. The more we know, the more creative and helpful we can be with our ideas.

the creative brief

It’s important we are on the same page. What is the best outcome from this video production that you are expecting? How is this content going to be used? What are the key messages?

visuals and scripting

Video production is a collaborative process. We will pull together ideas to show you with visuals. We will take your vision and turn it into a video script. It’s important you have complete clarity over what the final video will look like.

filming days

We only work with experienced operators whether that’s a video director, camera operator or sound person. We want the the shooting days to be run with enthusiasm and energy.

post production

This is where we pull all the assets together; video footage, voice-over, sound design and motion graphics.


We want you to be happy and will go through a couple of rounds of feedback to get it just right.

Using stock library footage in your promotional videos.

The one major change in promotional videos in recent years has been the access we now have to very high quality but comparatively cheap stock library footage. Monthly subscriptions mean clips can be purchased for as little as £20. And it’s worth considering.

Stock library footage means you can –

Show the variety of people who buy your product. Stock libraries have a worldwide stock of people and lifestyle shots.

Your clients get a sense of worldwide markets you may operate in without you having to travel to film them.

There maybe a technical animation that shows how your product works.

Stock library footage will give your video a worldly advertorial feel if, to be honest, your business in based in a drab part of town in a “not very pretty” office.

It’s a collaboration

We know how to make video content but it’s a collaborative process. You have the product knowledge. It’s this combination that will make a compelling promotional video. We need to produce a promotional video that resonates with it’s target audience. To do this we have constructed a 4 point plan of work we collaborate with our customers on before even thinking about filming.


What do they look like. Where do they view content. In what form?


What messages are we trying to convey? What attitudes are we trying to change?


Is it a single video or a set of video’s on social media?

Promoting video promotional video

Your have spend money on creating this content but no-one will view it without promoting it. How are you going to do this?


Social media platforms are a great way of promoting your content to a targeted audience. The use of tracking pixels means once interested, you can remarket to potential customers at a later date.


Emails are still a very effective way of creating new business. People are more likely to click through to a landing page if there’s informed video content to watch


Linkedin is expensive but gives you a lazer-like focus on segmenting your B2B audience by job title, interests, location and industry.

Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year

Let’s start – email us at

Video Production creates more click-thru’s than copy

The rise of video production companies

20 years ago a promotional video production company would have be the last piece in your marketing jigsaw, an add-on if there was any money left in the budget. We always suggest to clients to put your video content strategy back in the loop from the very start. Video production can join the dots in a customer journey. If you have a sticky point in the sales process, consider producing video content to explain the next steps. Creative video production really can bring your company vision alive.
What type of content do video production agencies produce?

event filming

It’s difficult organising people to come and talk about you to take advantage of having them all in one place at the same time. Events are a great place to interview clients and staff about your business. Be clever and get answers that are timeless and can be released throughout the year.

explainer videos

Explainer videos solve that wonderful problem of how to market your product succinctly and effortlessly in just a few minutes. It’s your elevator pitch in a live action video or animation. We are experts in producing explainer videos.


Animation used to be expensive. Not any more. Whether you need a corporate video, explainer video or training video, consider using animation. A very useful format when trying to explain a service or a software product.

Promotional Video

It’s a broad term and can mean many things from a testimonial video through to explainer video or branded content. It’s any time of video content that promotes your business and what most video production companies produce. We will help you understand which format and video style is the most suitable for you.

Corporate video

Back in the days gone by the only time of video production company servicing business was a corporate video production company. It’s a term now though that covers everything from branded content to a simple talking heads video. Vebu has been creating corporate videos since 2003, we’ve put the creative back in to this type of video production.

training videos

Whether it’s a simple talking heads video or shooting in a green screen studio with presenters we have covered this type of video production from every angle. Working with SME’s, large corporates and charities, we’ve got this.

talking head video

There’s no better video to make than just people talking to camera singing your praises or maybe it’s a colleague talking about changes to your business. They are simple, cheap and very effective

Product Video

This could be an animation or video or both. People like to see and understand what they are buying. Video is very sharable. show it’s inner workings and craftsmanship

Social media videos

We will know what these are and they aren’t the preserve of the young. Shoot social media content at the same time as your main shoot. Always think of video content as a campaign rather than a one-off.

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