You have a website, or a video that you realise needs to be on the first page of google in order for it to start getting visitors, which hopefully translate into new customers, sales or subscribers.
So you enlist services to a SEO agency, your local SEO guy or even attempt to do the optimisation yourself.
There is usually one question on the forefront of your mind. How long will it take to get me to Rank?

The answer is unfortunately not that simple. keep reading…

We have all probably received an email or a cold call from a SEO agent, promising 1st page results over night for 49 quid. I hope by now we all know that these claims are scams, and beside not getting you any where close to page one they can actually do a lot of harm to your site. Google can penalise your site when they detect malpractice, more or less banning your site for showing up in its index.

Dealing with more reputable SEO experts and agencies Your more likely to hear an estimation of between 3-6 months, or sometimes 6-12 months to rank, And to be totally honest that’s all it is, an estimation.

Due to the complicated nature of google and its algorithm no one (probably not even google themselves) are able to pinpoint and exact time for a website to rank. There are hundreds of factors that can come into play that can affect the sites ability to climb the pages
Before we go into them it’s important to understand that Google is a customer-based company and their main aim is to provide value to their users in order for them to keep coming back. So it’s googles mission to determine which out the billions of web pages in there index are most relevant to the specific keyword input into its search engine. To do this they use their constantly learning Probability based algorithm.

Here are a few ranking factors within this algorithm that can an impact on your ranking ability


Factors such as the industry and niche your in, how competitive it is and how many different sites are competing for that first page spot. (Remember there are only 10 positions up for grabs, for any given word.)

Domain Age

The age of your domain can have a huge effect on both your ability to rank and also the speed in which you rank. Google Ranking system is heavily based on trust. Newly registered domains are will have minimal trust if any for obvious reasons. The longer the site has been around the more likely that it is a reputable page, worthy of been shown to Googles users.

Freshness Factor

The Google freshness algorithm which was first rolled out in 2010, as the name suggests it looks at how fresh, relevant and accurate a website content is. Content on your site need to be added and update regularly. The Freshness factor not only looks at recency of updates and new post but also frequency. It may be a good idea to start and maintain a weekly blog

google freshness algo



Often Considered the holy grail of SEO, Backlinks are still king an in my opinion still give google the best indication of a sites value. Backlinks are created when one website links to another (the word, button or image you click that takes you to another site) Backlinks are valuable as they in a way represent a vote of confidence or a nod from one site to the other. The more sites that recommend another for its information and content the more favour Google give it. Importantly the more favour or the More important the site that is giving the vote of confidence, the more weight it bears.
You will find the websites on page 1, to have a high amount of Powerful and relevant backlinks have a strong in house team of expert SEO, if in need of seo services get in touch


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