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The Circular Economy & Branding – Notes from a Speech by Nick Liddell


What is the Circular Economy

Vebu caught up with some of the key speakers at the Transform Conference where we heard The Clearing‘s Nick Liddell discussing the circular economy.

The idea of the circular economy revolves around the premise of zero wastage from producing goods in the world today. Image if we could recycle 100% of the materials used in any given goods.

The economics behind this make for very sound reading. We live in a linear world where we are consuming ever more goods; production needs to increase, and we are running out of the raw materials needed to keep up. The traditional manufacturing processes are struggling to extract profit because we all want these goods ever more cheaply. While, even in poorer countries, wages are slowly rising, the rate of consumption of goods is rising even faster still.

The circular economy revolves around the principle of total recycling, looked at from an economical perspective.

Let’s go over some of the key points from Nick Liddell’s talk:

How do we implement the principles behind the circular economy? 

There are now many ways in which we can make better use of the raw materials we have at hand.

First off, we can design out the waste – that is, looking at what would otherwise be considered waste in a new way, giving it new life.  Reuse, repair or refurbish. Furniture reuse is an obvious one here.

Cascading of resources is also becoming mainstream. That is, using the by-products of production to make other products. Marmite has been around for decades, the base product of this delightful spread coming from the brewing of beer. We are now able to produce jet fuel as a bi-product of the steel industry.

Modular design is another great way of making efficient use of resources. Modular design means that when one part of an item needs replacing it can be detached and replaced whilst leaving the rest intact.

Changing sense of ownership

Nick finished his talk with a word on the changing sense of ownership. Do we still need to own anything? We’ve seen the change in ownership in cars and music, it doesn’t have to stop there.

There’s also the idea of viewing your clothes in much the same way that people are now viewing music –  not fully owning them but instead merely renting them over a period of time. Think of models used by companies like Airbnb – could you make money out of the clothes your not wearing?

If we are constantly seeing products move through a life-cycle of re-design and re-invention during their own life-cycles we are merely owning them for a part of their lives.

All in all, it was interesting talk and we’d recommend you catch Nick Liddell from the Clearing when you can.

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Matt Gardner


The creative service agency in this freelance world



What are the benefits to the creative service agency in this freelance world?

Brian Rashid wrote this year in Forbes that by 2020 50% of the US workforce will be working in some sort of freelance capacity.

Once seen as the slacker way of life, the freelancer is now perceived as the person who is taking control of their life.

Whether it’s setting up a new business or just working when you want to, people now have the opportunity to spread their wings.

Working remotely is now the norm in a creative service agency despite the size of the files we send back and forth.

Clients actually like not having to turn up to an edit suite and maybe editors like that also!

Work spaces like WeWork are on the rise, where more often than not teams work from home and just come together to hot desk when needed.

Working remotely works for even large projects but there needs to be a central project manager.

Here at Vebu we work just like a normal agency with account managers and a central office, however we are more than happy for the creative to happen offsite, in a different city or country depending on the brief.

We work to a clear transparent schedule that’s signed off by the client before we start the project.

The biggest benefit is actually reserved for the client. When a  creative service agency uses freelancers, they can bring on board the right skill set for the job, rather than shoe horn the in-house talent into a tight fit.

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Matt Gardner

G&B Agency

The changing world of video production and how to tap into a vibrant creative community

How Video Production is changing

The last five years has really seen a big change in the way video production is commissioned and the work-flow of the project itself. With anything from corporate video production to product animation video Hot-desking and the role of the freelancer is now part of mainstream agency life.

Recent studies suggest that in the not too distant future half of the working population will be working freelance.

Video Production Freelancer

Creating a great client experience

In video production we’ve also responded to these changes. Video’s can be edited off-site with rough cuts sent for approval to the client via the web. The expensive edit suites are only used for the really top end jobs.

Smaller video production companies can offer a similar service to their larger cousins. However they have to develop a community of trusted operators. If they do, there are some obvious benefits as well to the client.

Benefits of a creative community

1.More of the budget is spent on the project. Agencies managing a community do not have the overheads.

2.The right expertise can be brought in for that particular project

3.Smaller agencies can provide a more personal service but still provide scale from their community

In this freelance world Vebu can pick the right creatives for the job. Bigger agencies may shoe-horn in the in-house operator. They will be  perfectly competent but may not be quite a snug a fit industry sector-wise or as knowledgable as the freelancer working to their chosen expertise.

All our projects are run in-house but we’ve spent the last 15 years working with a passionate community of freelancers in the form of Creatives, Strategists, Directors, Cameraman and Editors who understand particular industries well.

The key is the people

The key to a smooth running project are the people. Making the effort to finding the right people for the right job. The right person means fewer client changes and that means a healthier profit margin. If it’s a video that’s part of a series then this can translate into serious economies of scale and ultimately savings for the client.

We still have some way to go in convincing some of the bigger brands of the benefits of using an agency that taps into an incredible community of creatives but we are getting there.

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