Vebu is here to change how we make video’s

Times are a chang’in in the world of creating promotional video’s and online video marketing campaigns. Using marketing and ad agencies or even video production companies isn’t necessarily needed if you want to make a promotional video for your company. There are many very talented shoot Directors, editors and animation producers who can provide a fantastic service without the agency fees.

That’s why I created Vebu with Simon Banks from Tallboy Communications.

Both Simon and I started our own TV careers over 20 years ago in TV news and when we set-up our own companies in corporate land we wanted to bring with us TV production values. Well, it’s time to update this business model once more. In the early 2000’s it was all about using multi-skilled operators and we’ve all gotten used to that.

Now we can take it one step further – let’s put businesses in touch with shoot Directors who can provide creative, high production value services and a more personal service without big mark-ups. I don’t even think we’ll be eating into the traditional markets that marketing and Ad agencies work in where businesses need a full over-reaching client service.

We’ve set up Vebu for the smaller businesses who are savvy enough to understand they need to commission video content but don’t need the worldwide marketing campaign along with it. We vet all of the producers and cameraman on Vebu. It’s not a free for all when you tender a job. So you won’t get fifty companies bombarding you with calls. We’ll select half a dozen for you to look at and hold your hand through the production process.

So if you want to commission a video then get in touch we’d like to hear from you.

All the best

Matt Gardner


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