For many companies, from one man bands to multinationals, video has become part of their marketing mix – essential, attractive and easy to create when you have the right team working with you. For others, it’s still a little mysterious – so if you’re one of those who can see, theoretically, that video works, but can’t quite see how to apply it in practice, we have six key reasons to include video in your marketing:

1 – Video expands your presence

YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, Whatsapp … what do these channels have in common? They are all video friendly. Snapchat is creeping up fast on the leaders (YouTube has 1 billion unique users!) because you can send 15 second video ‘snaps’ on Snapchat that can only be viewed once so they can’t end up on Facebook – hence it’s the teen market’s secret source of outrageous selfie-movies.

What does this mean for marketers? If you don’t have video, you don’t have access to this huge potential marketplace. Five tweets a second contain a Vine … that’s a lot of people watching a lot of videos, and they could be watching yours!

2 – Google loves video

The world’s preeminent search engine likes high quality video. Really likes it. In fact if your site is not dynamic then it will rank lower than those that are. The algorithms currently prioritise video over text and images. What does that mean for marketers? It means that a video will boost your Google ranking more than a blog post or a photo. But a blog post containing a video and a photo … that’s the triple crown! Search Engine Optimisation is not just about using long-tail keywords, today it means using video to get the top ranking possible for your business.

3 – People love video

Whilst short-sighted marketers focus on Google, astute marketers focus on humans. Google will boost your rankings but that doesn’t get a single customer to act, it just gives them the chance to consider if they want to. Because people love and remember video content, they are more likely to act upon a video than anything else.

4 – Video is quicker

This is vitally important to successful marketing. Life is getting faster, attention spans get shorter, decisions become instant. The quicker that you can get your message to your potential customer the more likely you are to get them to act on it. Fifteen seconds of video that shows how to white water raft or paint a door is more likely to sell activity holidays or paint than pages of literature.

5 – Your rivals are doing it

93% of marketing professionals said in a 2014 survey that they had seen tangible benefit from using video online as part of their marketing strategy. This means that your competitors are already using video, or planning to, which gives them access to all those channels described in our first point, and the amazing thing is they don’t have to ‘reach’ those channels because …

6 – Video leads to social sharing

Making your customers into your ambassadors is a grail for marketers – and video makes it possible. People love to share snippets of video, and so the simple fact that you have video means that you can have millions of people look at, and share, your content. It’s like employing several thousand salespeople, all for the price of one video.

You can’t avoid video

So, powerful, adaptable and enjoyable – video is more than just a marketing tool, it’s a force for social sharing and a tremendous call to action. Contact us now to find creative freelance producers within your budget and create something special.


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