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What Goes Into A Full Service Production Company

An idea is a great thing. Whether it highlights a partnership, is a creative way of explaining your new product, or tells a unique store about your company or brand, the process always needs to begin with an idea.

Everyone knows that videos are a very valuable asset for all industries. However, many individuals struggle with how to take an idea and transform it into a finished product that they will be proud of.

Our Video Production Company is a Full-Service Production Company is based on the partnerships that we have entered into with all or our clients. We guarantee we are the only call that you will ever have to make when it comes to creating corporate videos for your business. No matter how much creative assistance you need, the number of strange sets and props you want, the scale of the production, a Full-Service Production Company can make it all happen and be your one-stop shop.

I Know My Company Needs To Have A Corporate Video. Now, What Should I Do?

When you start searching for a video production service, you will find many companies offering video packages: event video package, audio + 2-camera package, testimonial video package, etc. We don’t believe that a corporate video production should be confined to a package. We believe instead to take on every single corporate video project on its own. This means, first discovering what needs to be done in order to bring your concept to life, and then providing whatever is needed to make attractive video content that stays within your budget. That is what a full-service production can do for you.

Every company that we work together with is completely unique; therefore, they need special video equipment that is tailored to their needs. The first thing we do at our initial concept meeting is to learn more about your organizations does the best. We have worked with both brand new startups and well-established companies, but one thing that they have in common is a mission that is focused on getting to the core of what makes their business special. Our job is to translate this message into original, captivating, and beautiful video content.

Does it sound vague to say video content? Don’t you just mean a testimonial video or commercial video?

These days, video content does appear to come in a practically endless number of forms. Although we have produced some of the more traditional commercial spots and testimonial videos, we have also done company story videos, event sizzles, social media videos, and some truly unique requests as well.

After we learn more about your organization and what your specific goals are, we will recommend what format of video that we think will suit your message best. With knowledge and input on your organization, we will get our collaborative process started by guiding you through the pre-production phase. As part of the creative partnership process, a full-service production company should be available to help you flesh an idea out to achieve the purpose.

One thing that happens all of the time is that a company will come to us to get a corporate video created and get so much more than what they were anticipating. New York Health and Racquet Club brought us in to create a series of testimonials for them. As the project was coming together, we realized some of the material could be repurposed for a 30-second commercial and social media campaign.

How long will pre-production take? And where will my corporate video go after that?

Pre-production may take anywhere a few days to a few months, depending on the scale and size of the project. However, you don’t need to worry about that much, since the specialists on our team have decades worth of combined experience to oversee all of the pre-production details.

Once your concept is in place, we will work closely with you to plan a script and also the shot list. Our products will coordinate the shoot day. One of the important aspects of a full-service production company is having the capability of providing any resource that our client needs or wants: whether that is a green screen, camera drones, or custom-built set. It is critical to have an experienced video production team that can help you navigate through any potential roadblocks that you might encounter.

My video shoot day has arrived. What comes next?

If you have a resourceful and experienced team that you are working with, your shoot day should go smoothly. Just like an excellent chef or surgeon, a first-rate crew will make the job appear to be easy. A cast of specialists is required for an ASL production to guide the client through a production day that is stress-free. Communicating clearly with our clients throughout the entire shoot is of utmost importance to us. Each ASL shoot that we do is a collaborative experience. We take great pride in our transparency since ultimately that is what is crucial for a full-service production company to bring your vision fully to life.

On each shoot we do, we set our handheld client monitors up so our clients can look at the shots that we have captured in real time, which puts your project literally into your hands.

When Can I See The Vision?

That is a good question. Soon after the wrap, we will provide you with our post-production schedule. Our editors play a critical role when it comes to working with you to discover the ideal graphics, music, and voiceover to ensure that your vision really pops. If everything is running as it was planned, then you will start to receive edit within a few weeks of the shoot.

There are certain events we cover that require rapid turnaround. Our sizzle videos for the Nielsen C360 conference are shot, edited and treated within 24 hours.

Ask anybody who is in corporate video production and they will tell you that the most underrated part of any project is the post-production phase. We take that very seriously. A video not only comes to life inside of the editing room, but that is also where a client can provide their input so that the project is shaped to their needs and desires. At We would not say we were a full-service production company if we didn’t have a comprehensive post-production unit.

How Long Does it Take to Rank in 2019 | SEO Ranking Factors


You have a website, or a video that you realise needs to be on the first page of google in order for it to start getting visitors, which hopefully translate into new customers, sales or subscribers.
So you enlist services to a SEO agency, your local SEO guy or even attempt to do the optimisation yourself.
There is usually one question on the forefront of your mind. How long will it take to get me to Rank?

The answer is unfortunately not that simple. keep reading…

We have all probably received an email or a cold call from a SEO agent, promising 1st page results over night for 49 quid. I hope by now we all know that these claims are scams, and beside not getting you any where close to page one they can actually do a lot of harm to your site. Google can penalise your site when they detect malpractice, more or less banning your site for showing up in its index.

Dealing with more reputable SEO experts and agencies Your more likely to hear an estimation of between 3-6 months, or sometimes 6-12 months to rank, And to be totally honest that’s all it is, an estimation.

Due to the complicated nature of google and its algorithm no one (probably not even google themselves) are able to pinpoint and exact time for a website to rank. There are hundreds of factors that can come into play that can affect the sites ability to climb the pages
Before we go into them it’s important to understand that Google is a customer-based company and their main aim is to provide value to their users in order for them to keep coming back. So it’s googles mission to determine which out the billions of web pages in there index are most relevant to the specific keyword input into its search engine. To do this they use their constantly learning Probability based algorithm.

Here are a few ranking factors within this algorithm that can an impact on your ranking ability


Factors such as the industry and niche your in, how competitive it is and how many different sites are competing for that first page spot. (Remember there are only 10 positions up for grabs, for any given word.)

Domain Age

The age of your domain can have a huge effect on both your ability to rank and also the speed in which you rank. Google Ranking system is heavily based on trust. Newly registered domains are will have minimal trust if any for obvious reasons. The longer the site has been around the more likely that it is a reputable page, worthy of been shown to Googles users.

Freshness Factor

The Google freshness algorithm which was first rolled out in 2010, as the name suggests it looks at how fresh, relevant and accurate a website content is. Content on your site need to be added and update regularly. The Freshness factor not only looks at recency of updates and new post but also frequency. It may be a good idea to start and maintain a weekly blog

google freshness algo



Often Considered the holy grail of SEO, Backlinks are still king an in my opinion still give google the best indication of a sites value. Backlinks are created when one website links to another (the word, button or image you click that takes you to another site) Backlinks are valuable as they in a way represent a vote of confidence or a nod from one site to the other. The more sites that recommend another for its information and content the more favour Google give it. Importantly the more favour or the More important the site that is giving the vote of confidence, the more weight it bears.
You will find the websites on page 1, to have a high amount of Powerful and relevant backlinks have a strong in house team of expert SEO, if in need of seo services get in touch

9 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

9 Video Marketing Statistics for 2019

As 2018 comes to a close and people begin to welcome its upgraded version, 2019, it is time to take a moment to think about how this is going to impact video marketing. This is an area that is constantly changing and it is only right for anyone who is serious about business to keep an eye on statistics. In case you need more information so you can use it to hone your strategy, here are 10 points you need to take note of.


1. Majority of traffic will go to Video

video traffic increase

It has been predicted that most of the traffic on the Web (about 80%) will be video content by the start of 2021.

This means that anyone who has not been integrating video into their plans should certainly start now. Since it will be commonplace for people to see this kind of content all over the place, they will expect it. Those who choose not to take heed are bound to get left behind.

2.Company Size VS videos created

Company size has little to do with the number of videos that are being created.

While it would probably seem like larger corporations with huge budgets would create more videos, this is actually not the same at all. However with corporate video production, Even small start-ups are realizing the pull that this kind of content has on user retention. As a result, they are taking the bulk of their budgets and using it for this.

3. Technology companies create some of the shortest videos on the Web.

The reality is that the average person is not going to sit through a long video to its entirety. For this reason, technology companies have been taking note and started focusing on shorter videos. This means two things. If you are in this industry, you certainly have to remember this when creating marketing materials. It also means that those who are not in this particular field need to take notice and follow their lead if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Smaller businesses are more likely to do marketing internally.

If you own a small business, the idea of trying to set aside a large budget for marketing can be frightening. The great thing is that this is not a necessity. There are many companies that are taking the marketing skills of their current staff, putting their heads together and creating solid strategies. You do not have to let a lack of an unlimited cash flow stop you from doing well in this arena.

5. Most business-related video content is viewed on laptops and PCs

With the influx of people who are using mobile devices, it is generally assumed that this is how most would view business videos, but this is not the case. In fact, the likelihood of someone using mobile for this purpose is a meager 11%. This does not mean that you should discontinue optimizing sites and content for those users, but it is something to think about.

The reason for this is likely the fact that people like watching informational content on larger screens. They tend to understand and retain this information better that way.

6. The middle of the week is the best time to post business videos.Video marketing statistics

There was something mentioned about this several years back, but this is true now more than ever. The reasoning behind this is probably because many business people log off on the weekends so they are hit with a barrage of work on Mondays, so they need a day or two to get back into the swing of things. By the latter part of the week, they are focused on wrapping things up to get ready for the weekend. Ideally, Tuesday through Thursday would be your best bet for posting if you want people to watch your content while it is fresh.

7. Most social media videos are watched without sound.

This means that you need to work on adding things like captions and appropriate text to the content you create. By ignoring this and refusing to do, you will be turning your back on a large part of your target market. This is also an indication that social media usage is increasing, so add video content to these sites if you have not already.

8. Internet Explorer is second to Chrome when it comes to choosing a browser for videos.

While many people turned their backs on IE after the hiccups some of the older version had, there are some who favour this browser over others and you need to consider this. Always make sure that your content is optimized for all browsers types. Your individual browser preferences have nothing to do with this; it is about what others want.

9. Demos, explainers and product videos are the most popular content types.

Integrating one or more of these into your plans is a winning idea. The more you are able to create videos that others clamour for, the more likely it is you will attract and retain their attention. If you are not adept at creating these kinds of videos, you need to seek out the help of someone who is.

Statistics mean everything when it comes to creating a video marketing plan that will catapult you to success. Consider all of the points mentioned here as you move forward in 2019. Otherwise, you and your business will get left behind while the rest of the world is focused on moving forward. check back at for more video marketing trends

5 Essential Steps To Grow Your Brand YouTube Channel

YouTube is a crucial platform to help build your brand!

According to a report from Google and Pixability, Interbrand’s Top 100 Brands are collectively uploading a video to YouTube every 18.5 minutes. With video marketing being on the rise, as a business, it is important to utilise YouTube as a medium of engagement and promotion.

However, there are certain ideas and factors you should consider to optimise your business YouTube channel efficiently. This ranges from setting up the overall channel, making sure individual video SEO is up to scratch, and even taking a step back and analysing the content your company produces. Take a look!

Do You Need A Creative Platform?

1 – Channel Setup

The overall YouTube channel setup is important. It needs to be optimised in a way that it can be discovered by appropriate audiences, and can be navigated in an engaging way. The core fundamentals of the SEO revolve around customising the channel information. The ‘About’ section should showcase your target audience, express the important information and values regarding your brand, and naturally include relevant keywords that can provoke outreach. Don’t forget to include all of your appropriate social media links too. Add ‘Channel Keywords’, they are essentially tags for your channel. Services such as Google Trends can be used to see what people are searching based on your field. No more than 10!

In terms of the visual navigation, you should have a well-designed banner that showcases your logo, fits the brand guidelines and maintains optimal resolution (2560 x 1440). A channel trailer should also be included to show the video you want new visitors to be introduced to. This could be a YouTube video that you have explaining your product or service, or a highlight video from one of your current campaigns.



2 – Individual Video SEO

So you’ve got the channel ready, it’s now time to optimise those YouTube videos! You need to have a catchy title that contains the exact keywords that you want to feature for. This also applies to the description. Use this as a chance to summarise the important points of your video and brand. It’s also an opportunity to link to your social media accounts.

Tags. Arguably the most important but most overlooked factor. Too many tags are counterproductive to SEO. 15 is the magic number. Break down your tags categorically into different styles:

Longer coherent tags with keywords
(e.g. if it was a gym in West London, you could say “west london gym classes sale”)
Medium more generalised searches
(e.g. “exercise classes”)
Single words that are broken down from the prior
(e.g. gym, classes etc)

Custom Thumbnails should be added to provide consistency and visual appeal. End screens and info cards that link to your other content and website (if you are partnered) can also be added to increase navigation between videos.

3 – Produce Quality Content Consistently

Sustaining a video marketing campaign with success on YouTube requires effort and time. Videos you produce need clear formulated plans. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Spending lengthy amounts of time, resources and financial investment on videos you’re going to upload once every 6 months is not going to be beneficial for building your brand. Create and develop ideas for consistent videos relating to your brand, that even audiences without a connection to your company can engage with. This gives more of an open barrier for people to engage with your idea and can contribute to developing a consistent audience.

4 – Encourage User Participation

Start a discussion! Engage with your audience! Perhaps offer a chance for viewers to influence the content in some way! Developing interaction makes videos more memorable and can motivate audiences to participate actively. Replying to comments can also alter the perception of your brand because it makes it more human and relatable. If you manage to reply to every single comment, you will certainly notice a community start to form. Familiar faces will start to return and the outreach will start to grow. YouTube will reward channels with higher interaction levels, placing them in a more prominent position within the algorithm.

5 – Promote Your Videos

This might seem like an obvious pick, but it is so important. For the majority of cases, even the most active supporters of your brand are rarely going to actively search for your video marketing content. Promoting your YouTube videos on your prominent social media accounts will provide your videos with the attention they deserve. You already have your communities, why not transfer them to YouTube? There are several social media management platforms you can use, to upload and schedule your videos, and then share them on your relevant socials.

Do You Need A Creative Platform?

These are the core fundamentals for developing your brand on YouTube. Implementing these changes isn’t going to boost you to the top of the trending page. It provides brands with professional optimisation that encourages growth on this competitive platform.

The Explainer Video. What’s so great about it? Everything!

An explainer video drives sales

The explainer video really comes into it’s own in an age where customers want to know what you do but they want to know this quickly.

Will your product solve a problem, more their company profitable or help their customer service flow more smoothly?

An explainer video explains many facts in 60 seconds.

This was your problem. Here’s our solution. Here’s where you buy it. Boom.

It’s worth taking your time with the key messages

We call them explainer videos but really it’s a brand video. It’s probably the first time some-one will see your product. It’s your shop window. You have their attention but now you need to convert that interest into a lead.

So your script needs to be very tight. It needs to sing. The overall look needs to reflect your brand. This video needs to hit the ground running from the get go.

An Explainer video needs great creative

Many marketing companies talk about having a video strategy but our experience tells us that what really drives customers to your site isn’t just the process behind releasing video content at the right time in the right channels….a much stronger element is the creative idea.

You can promote a video until you are blue in the mouth but the creative behind it will make people watch it and share it.

Think about your video content strategy

We think the creative behind the video is more important than the strategy but only just.

There’s no point in producing a very clever video without thinking about how people are going to view it. So think about where your customers are. Video’s on Linkedin have a more business like feel than a video on Facebook. People don’t watch videos on Facebook with the sound up so what about subtitles? Instagram video’s may only be short ten second ident video’s.

Explainer videos come in many forms

It can be an animation. Talking heads or a mixture of both. Think elevator pitch but using video or animation.

One things for certain. Eighty per cent of all searches on the web by next year will be for video content.

Your customers expect video content and will be put off from your business if you don’t have it.

If you need any help with putting together your businesses own video strategy then get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 02081332995

Don’t forget about a decent sound design

It’s 50% visual and 50% sound design

So said George Lucas and he seems to know what he’s doing with sound design

And Vebu contributors Gulliver Moore and Olli Club were keen to shown the importance of design for their promo for Audio Networks

I think I must have been the last person to realise that great sound design can really lift a production.

I’m going to put my hand up here and say it’s probably because I came from the first generation of cameramen/reporters who were basically trying to do everything.

Soundie’s were just relics from the past weren’t they? The cameraman can just do sound can’t he?

Well, no.

The world has come full circle for me. A video producer can shoot what they like on an iphone but the first thing you notice is the sound.

“The truth is, for me, it’s obvious that 70, 80 percent of a movie is sound.”
Danny Boyle

There’s a nice blog on this from the guys at Story & Heart

For those who just need a quick blast of what you should be thinking about – there’s 4 basic elements; voice-over, music, effects and finally emotional sounds (usually in the background)  that really create a mood.

It’s this final type that can be quite interesting; the indiscernible screeching sound we can’t quite hear but know thats there…just as you’re hiding behind the sofa.

Because let’s face it horror movies do sound really well.

Sound Design doesn’t have to cost the Earth

Sound Design isn’t just for high end film-makers. A decent free-lance sound designer can work wonders on your corporate video production or brand animation for £300 a day – a couple of days including client feedback should be enough for a two minute video.

For anyone producing an animation sound design is a must, it’ll add character and personality.

Interestingly we’ve found that if you’re running out of budget to fill the screen sound really adds an extra layer of interest to the brain. Sound design really can keep the interest and the flow…flowing.

If you need any help with putting together your businesses own video strategy then get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 02081332995

A decent voice-over artist is worth it

Voice-over artists really are the cherry on the cake


It’s amazing how many times I’ve watched a half decent animation or explainer video and thought; this is well written and the animation flows quite nicely, but why have they got the marketing assistant to be the voice-over artist or it’s the Head of Sales who I can imagine when pitching to an audience is quite engaging but doesn’t quite translate to video.

Being a great voice over-artist really is a skill and there are many actors who don’t have this skill either.

The bad ones come in to the studio and don’t try and get a feel for what their “character” needs. The good ones get a real sense of the timing, tone of voice and understanding of the audience.

So I thought this week I’d shine the spotlight on a couple of great voice-over artists I’d recommend.

Interestingly two of them are based in the US but that wasn’t a problem with the work flow. Once you’ve put a call in, most are happy for you to sit on on the recording on skype or send over a take and if you don’t like it or have some feedback, they just re-record it.

I can’t stress enough how an experienced voice-over artist can really lift a script.

Getting the tone of voice right

I’ve worked with Andy Barnett a couple of times and I never get bored of his voice. I read a lot of gumshoe Americana fiction. Andy is very versatile but the way I’d describe my favourite voice of his would be film noir. The private dick who’s been beaten up a couple of times and lived to tell the tale and get the gal at the end. Here is is on a job we did for McDonald Butler. Their client was Atos


Let your voice-over artist add a bit of fun to the proceedings

Victoria Shepherd is a Brit based voice-over artist in San Francisco – very professional and has a great range from the serious to funny. She has her own studio and is very prompt and professional in providing alternative takes.


If you need any help with putting together your businesses own video strategy then get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 02081332995

The Power of Video Content

How powerful is video online?

It’s going to be another year where video tops the to-do lists of most marketeers. The stats back this up.

Recent surveys show that 60& of visitors to a website will watch a video than read text. So no wonder Youtube is now considered the second largest search engine.

Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the top pages of a search engine if it contains video.

When learning about a company 80% of those surveyed said they expect to see a video to help them trust that company.

If you need any help with putting together your businesses own video strategy then get in touch with us at [email protected] or call 02081332995

Engaging Your Customers

We like a Good Story

When someone watches a film or reads a story they are more likely to engage with that story if they can empathise with the key characters involved.

A product video is going to have a greater chance of increasing sales if the customer can clearly see how that product is going to benefit them, not just how the product works.

If it’s an IT product then we don’t really want to see inside the hard drive, but we do want to hear about how it reduces the amount of time an IT manager has to spend managing it. We want to hear how the software has improved customer service or increased workflows and to cap it all we want to know how it has increased profits.

If it reduces the amount of time we all have to spend at work that let’s hear about this as well.

But before we hear all of this we need to buy into a central character that we can relate to. This is why we are always keen to use real people in video content rather than actors.

People are naturally suspicious of senior management and obvious scripts!

If I was watching a video about an IT solution at a school I’d like to hear about the people using it: the teachers, parents, and students; NOT the company selling the product.

Do your research

Don’t just rock up to one of your customers and ask to film them onsite. Get to know them and try to find some personal stories about how their business is run, what are the common issues and how you have been able to solve them.

It’s not all about profit and KPIs; people respond best when there’s a human element the video and its story.

Give your central character time to set up the story and background before you get into the meat of the matter. The customer needs to believe who they are before they start hearing about the product.

So I leave you with this thought: if you want to promote your product, find customers who are happy to talk about its benefits and how it’s helped them.

If your audience believes them and trusts them then you’ve got a sale.

If you’d like help in creating video content for your business and creating a strategy for delivering that video to the right audience to create new sales then call Vebu on 02081332995 or email us as [email protected]

Your marketing plan must include a digital content strategy – and here’s why!

As a video production company, we know that our clients need to get full value from their digital investment, which is why we’re producing practical guides to success with digital content as part of our commitment to helping every client maximise return on video marketing.

Video is the heart of digital content

This is true for three reasons:

  1. Immediate impact – everybody knows how to watch a video, whilst they don’t always immediately ‘get’ a presentation, diagram or report.
  2. Video sharing – the easiest way to get marketing out there is to make it easy to share, just as everybody knows how to watch a video, they also know how to ‘like’ and ‘share’
  3. Brand integrity – video is the hardest thing to pirate, adulterate or otherwise rip off. This means that your digital content remains yours, unlike articles, blog posts and images which are much easier to steal and copy.

Missing out on these opportunities means missing out on connections with potential customers, partners and suppliers all of whom could aid your business.

Video is also centre to digital marketing strategies because well produced video productions have a strong call to action at their core. Good content alone is not enough – a digital content strategy ensures you are reaching the right people, at the right level, in the right way.

Digital content strategy – the 4 key rules as questions

  • What use is your content? We love marketing departments, obviously, as we work with them a lot. But they can become a little too high concept. The great thing about video is it’s usually operating at the human scale so we have a chance to encourage our clients to consider what use their content is. Is it informative? If so, who is it informing? Is it problem solving? If so, whose problems does it solve? If it’s neither of these, what is its purpose? Establishing answer to these questions is central to a great strategy because they help us create superb video content and help our clients market it to exactly the right audience.
  • What is your message? All content should underpin the position of the brand – so there’s no point launching a new product with video unless it shows where that product sits in the hierarchy of your brand. For example, when a client launched a range of low solvent wood-care, we created a short video segment showing the history of the company in solving problems for customers, culminating in the problem of needing great wood-care products that didn’t damage the environment. Located through that historical context, their new product clearly demonstrated their brand commitment to producing excellent products for the woodwork trade. Big message, beautifully carried – job done.
  • How are you different? What differentiates your organisation from all the others is what ensures your digital content works for you. In our client example it was how they helped people who work professionally with wood deliver for their own customers. A different company might have chosen to focus on how they are always at the cutting edge of technology, or on how they specialise in business to business support. Whatever your distinct value, we want to get it into our video so you can focus your strategy on getting that message across.
  • How will you ensure consistent support for your content? Whether you’re aiming for a range of videos to be shared on YouTube or crafting digital content for display on trade stands at events, being sure how you will support the content you’ve created will allow us to help maximise the return on your digital content investment.