Video Production London

If you and your company are looking to rebrand, shoot some fresh video content for your social media accounts or even just create some new material, our specialist video producer and designers at Vebu are here to help you. With experience in video production London-wide spanning more than 20 years, our creative specialists deliver the results you need to transform your vision into reality. Vebu puts you in contact with our creative specialists to create the ultimate video content.

So what is video production and how do videos help your brand stand out?

We’ve discovered that potential customers spend a lot more time on websites which have videos than ones which don’t – 88% more time in fact (source: Therefore, we believe that videos are the best tool to bring your business ideas to life and make your website reach more visitors, who will eventually become customers. If you are new to the idea of video production, read on to discover just how everything works.

Understanding each other’s goals

The first step involves an individual inquiry from the business looking for creative video production. This is when Vebu’s creative video producers collaborate with you to put your great video project idea into action. This starts with those important video key messages and identifying the intended audience and overall call to action you wish to communicate. With the content of the video is established between you and Vebu’s creative video producers it’s time mould the script into a presentable shape.

Getting everything ready for the shoot

During the script stage we would also present a selection of visual ideas so you get a real feel for how the end product with look.  We would also set a working schedule for; filming days, post production and final delivery. Our creative video producers will work to a schedule that you are happy with, with next stage signed off by you before we proceed to the next.

This involves getting the cameras rolling and making sure the shoot runs smoothly. Once we’re happy that all the preparation mentioned above has been carried out efficiently, the shoot will commence and we’ll work our magic!

With the script signed off let the camera’s roll!

Editing and final drafts

Post-production begins when the director announces that enough material has been gathered. The creative video producers will then get to work editing and producing an authentic story that will engage your target audience. When the video has been sufficiently edited, it’s sent to you in the form of a first draft. You can then give your feedback, and Vebu’s creative video producers take care of any necessary modifications or suggestions. The revised video will be sent back to you as the video’s second draft, a process which goes on until you’re ready to share the video for visitors to watch and enjoy.

Now you’re aware how the creative video production process works, get in touch with Vebu now to connect with the best London video production services and bring your new business ideas to life!