Videographer London

If you’ve made a decision that your business needs a video, you’re likely to have also decided you need a creative professional to make it for you.

A poor quality, amateur video can damage your brand or distract from the messages you’re trying to put across. If you need a videographer in London then our community of video makers will deliver a high-quality, engaging video that meets your needs.

About our videographers

Our videographers are experienced creatives who can follow your brief and come with a range of skills. Due to the unique way we work, we hand pick videographers based on your needs. We’ll then offer you a selection of pitch ideas from different videographers so you can choose the person or team and the ideas that best spark your interest.

Our videographers have worked with large-scale global businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, and small and medium independents and brands, so have a wide breadth and depth of different skills, knowledge and experience. You can view our portfolio to see more of their work.


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The videography process

The videography process will depend on your brief and budget. We can offer as much creative support as you need or simply supply a videographer who can shoot, set the film and edit it alone, or a team of camera operators, production managers and editors for larger projects, or big events.

Before we start we will liaise with you to ensure we’ve got the right people on the project, that you understand and are happy with the process, and we’ll set an agreed schedule that we’ll deliver to.

When to use a videographer

Videographers can provide films for a wide range of settings; whether you want a event Videographer in London ,corporate in-house training film, a piece promoting your brand or service, a film to reach out to new audiences, or coverage of your events.

If you want to tell your brand’s story, we can create a talking heads video that will engage on an authentic human level. Perhaps you want to encourage others to come to your events? Our videographers can create dynamic, engaging films that highlight your services, events and brands with strong visual films.

Giving you choice

Vebu is all about you being in control of your projects. When you submit a brief we’ll ask you detailed questions so we can understand who your target audience is, what you’re trying to achieve through your video and what perceptions you’re trying to change.

When we know what you’re looking for, we’ll reach out to our experienced creative community to pitch ideas to meet your brief. Once you’ve selected the idea that speaks to you, then we’ll agree a schedule, assign you an account manager and your videographer will work with you to make sure they capture exactly what you’re looking for.

Your project is managed every step of the way by creatives with years of experience behind them, to produce only the highest quality videos.

If you’re interested in working with us at and finding out more, simply post a brief and we’ll get in touch with you. It’s as easy as that! | 020 3950 6609