This is the video generation. From the fuzzy filming of crazy antics seen through car windows to impromptu captures of flash mobs, mobile phones have made video the most shared technology in the world.

As a result, failing to film your company event professionally is likely to result in a very different kind of film – the selfie generation’s version of your carefully crafted corporate occasion. This means there are three key reasons to decide to have the event filmed by professionals:

  1. Your reputation will be better shaped if you oversee a filming process that can be shared across platforms
  2. Creating interest in your organisation is best done with expert video
  3. You will be able to harness the investment of time and professionalism inherent in your company event to other purposes such as training or marketing.

So, given that most organisations have to accept that their corporate events will be filmed, either professionally or by members of the audience, how does a business make the most of event filming and what added benefits can be developed from filming company events?

Make multiple use of corporate event footage

There’s nothing more exciting than looking at a well-run event, it creates brand enthusiasm and a desire to be associated with that brand or organisation, so why not use some of the video from your event to open and close company training material, induction and orientation films and even health and safety videos.

Don’t be scared to be emotional

Everybody loves the behind the scenes shots such as the bloopers and out-takes shown at the end of movies, or the kid playing hide and seek behind the bride and groom as they walk out of their wedding venue … all these natural moments show heart.

Corporate events, by contrast, can often seem glitzy but soulless so ask your film maker to use a long lens to get a few candid shots of people preparing for the big event, showing the heart and soul behind the organisation. These moments will bring the viewer into the film, creating massive investment.

Name check, name check, name check

You’ll have some substantial people involved so get the post production team to give them excellent credits with their name and title scrolling onscreen.

But don’t stop there. Name check everybody who speaks during the video – it shows you value everybody involved in your organisation and ensures that in future people will want to get up and strut their stuff, just for their name check moment on the big screen!

Film the reactions

One of the main reasons for having professional video teams capturing your corporate events is that they are brilliant at getting endorsements – a few clips of happy, motivated people expressing their genuine enthusiasm for the event is as good as money in the bank for your brand or organisation.

Use this event to create a trailer for the next one

The final use for your corporate event video footage is to create a trailer for the next event. Why? Because crafting a short, snappy trailer that highlights the past event and trails the next one, starts to build a buzz for forthcoming activity that is profoundly powerful and also serves as a pitch to get even bigger hitters, even better speakers, and even more exciting activity next time. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and it will shape itself organically out of the event you’re currently filming.


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