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  • “We needed a video to promote our business and get our new service out there. I didn't have a clue how to approach the project but Vebu delivered throughout every step of the process ”

    LAURA CHARETTEOrganic Food Producer
  • “Impressed by the amount input my Vebu account manager had with my project. From one creative to another they did a brilliant job for a very keen price”

    DAVID GROVESWeb Designer
  • “Affordable, quality process from Vebu. The video has transformed the way I advertise my business.”

    James WoodfallWealth Management Consultant


Video Production

Video production almost sounds out-dated nowadays. Isn’t it all about digital content?
It is but you have to make the video first before sticking it on the web. It still involved all the old processes like writing a script, organising a shoot day and editing the video footage with perhaps a voice-over and music.

Luckily for you this whole process is now very straight forward and cheap. There’s some very talented shoot Directors out there and we’ve selected the best of the best to be on Vebu.


Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to produce Toy Story. Animated promotional films can work out to be roughly the same budget as a video production.
People who produce animation video’s are called motion graphics designers and such is the world today that your animation could probably be produced in some-one’s bedroom.

You need a motion graphics designer who’ll produce some initial visuals and we’ll organise a copry-writer to write a script. They’ll then produce a full storyboard for you to sign off.

The motion graphics designer will then build or animate that storyboard with a voice-over and music bed. Hey presto you’ll have an engaging animated promotional film.

Digital Content Strategy

Once you’ve made your video you might want to get back in touch with us so we can help you distribute the content so the right people see it. Don’t think that by just sticking it on Youtube or optimizing it for google that you’ll have a highly ranking video. We need to think about a strategy for making sure your potential clients get to see it. Remember it’s about the quality of the viewers not the quantity. If you’re an event company in London there’s little point in trying to sell your services to a school in Rio.

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