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If you are looking to get a product of yours filmed, or need to create an animation or advert for your product then we’ve got you covered. We’ve been making product videos for many years and have a team of professional videographers, editors and animators ready to help produce that product video you’ve been imagining. one that engages potential customers!

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Product Videographer

Launching a newsroom

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Product Videographer

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Product Videographer




Launching a newsroom






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What to expect from a product videographer

Fully equipped studio

We use the latest high definition broadcast equipment so whether you need to create a product video for the web or TV we’ve got your back.


We have a team of experienced script writers if you’re thinking of creating an engaging ad with voice-over or using actors


Product videos generally need motion graphics to help explain how they work or their benefits. We have a great post production team of video editors and animators.

Working with an experienced product videographer

We understand what customers want to see, the type of scripting that sells and the way to make an impactful engaging product video. Your product video needs to take the customer one step further down the sales process. As professional videographers we know how to do this.

Creating video content with impact

It’s important to grab people’s attention straight away, but also bear in mind, this may be the first time they’ve ever experienced your brand. People respond to high production values. If the product video content looks cheap, they will assume the product is cheap.

Product Video Production

We go through the same steps as any creative video product. We want to know as much about your business, your product and marketplace as you can tell us. We have a trusted step by step process to make sure our product videographer has the best chance possible in making an engaging, impactful video.

If you don’t see the video style you are looking for in our reference video content, don’t worry, we have many other examples of videos to show you. Please get in touch with or call 07958353239


We also suggest promoting your video content. We have an experienced team of social media ad specialists to do this for you. We will create a campaign strategy after a thorough keyword analysis of your market and competitors.

It’s a process that could take as little as a week to turn around, it just depends on if there’s any scripting, how many shoot days and how complex the shoot is.

Take a look at their portfolio before starting work with them. You need to see a style in their work which reflects what you are expecting to see yourself. At Vebu, we have many examples of product video production work. Just ask to see it.

We can provide a full agency service when it comes to shooting your product video. We have a strong in-house team of copywriters, video directors, video editors, creative directors and animators.

This all depends on your needs. A basic one day shoot plus editing and some simple animating graphics is probably going to cost £3,000 upwards. It’s more economical to shoot a range of products

What’s the video production process?

Video Research

We want to get to know you and your objectives, your marketplace, products and competitors. The more we know, the more creative and helpful we can be with our ideas.

the creative brief

It’s important we are on the same page. What is the best outcome from this video production that you are expecting? How is this content going to be used? What are the key messages?

visuals and scripting

Video production is a collaborative process. We will pull together ideas to show you with visuals. We will take your vision and turn it into a video script. It’s important you have complete clarity over what the final video will look like.

filming days

We only work with experienced operators whether that’s a video director, camera operator or sound person. We want the the shooting days to be run with enthusiasm and energy.

post production

This is where we pull all the assets together; video footage, voice-over, sound design and motion graphics.


We want you to be happy and will go through a couple of rounds of feedback to get it just right.

It’s a collaboration

We know how to make video content but it’s a collaborative process. You have the product knowledge. It’s this combination that will make a compelling promotional video. We need to produce a promotional video that resonates with it’s target audience. To do this we have constructed a 4 point plan of work we collaborate with our customers on before even thinking about filming.


What do they look like. Where do they view content. In what form?


What messages are we trying to convey? What attitudes are we trying to change?


Is it a single video or a set of video’s on social media?

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Promoting video promotional video

Your have spend money on creating this content but no-one will view it without promoting it. How are you going to do this?


Social media platforms are a great way of promoting your content to a targeted audience. The use of tracking pixels means once interested, you can remarket to potential customers at a later date.


Emails are still a very effective way of creating new business. People are more likely to click through to a landing page if there’s informed video content to watch


Linkedin is expensive but gives you a lazer-like focus on segmenting your B2B audience by job title, interests, location and industry.
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Looking to commission video content?

We’ve been creating video content for over 20 years across the UK and europe.

Whether you need a high end crew or just want to shoot content for social media you’ve come to the right place.

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