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We are a full service creative video production company based in London. We are also very proud of our extended network of video creators spread across the UK in all the major cities. It means we can produce nationwide projects using local content producers, all overseen by our strong in-house team.

Examples of our video production work

Launching a newsroom

Matthew Osley-Brown

Video production

Launching a newsroom



Space NK

Space NK


Launching a newsroom

HG 20th Anniversary


Launching a newsroom


Video Production




Our Clients

Clients - BBC
Clients - Casedo
Clients - Hg
morgan sindall group
sky labs

We are one of the best corporate video production companies in London, UK

Vebu has been producing film and video content for the past 20 years, and a lot has changed over that time. The technology is cheaper but it’s giving us the ability to create projects to much higher production values.

Our clients have a range of choices in the types of styles that can be achieved.

We can shoot to a broad range of styles from using an iPhones, to a shoulder rig, and to much bigger fully crewed productions using high end production equipment.

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Promoting Your Film Content

We always say to clients, there’s no point in producing top video content unless you have a strategy to promote it. This could be a paid online campaign or an email campaign. We can advise here and create the best video strategy for you.

The Power of Video

The power of video is only getting bigger. 82% of content viewed online worldwide will soon be video. People much prefer to consume their content through film or video rather than words or text when they’re browsing the internet. The click-through rates (CTRs) for a video or film have always been much higher than content provided or displayed in written form, by as much as up to 70% in a lot of cases.

Vebu is a top video production company that has always understood the power of the promotional video, whether that’s an explainer video, training video, corporate video, an animation, event content or client video case study. All of these formats bring your vision alive in film and in front of potential clients in a way that the written word struggles to do.

The Vebu Video Production Workflow


Video Research

We want to get to know you and your objectives, your marketplace, products and competitors. The more we know, the more creative and helpful we can be with our ideas.

The Creative Brief

It’s important we are on the same page. What is the best outcome from this video production that you are expecting? How is this content going to be used? What are the key messages?

Visuals and Scripting

Video production is a collaborative process. We will pull together ideas to show you with visuals. We will take your vision and turn it into a video script. It’s important you have complete clarity over what the final video will look like.

filming days

We only work with experienced operators whether that’s a video director, camera operator or sound person. We want the the shooting days to be run with enthusiasm and energy.

post production

This is where we pull all the assets together; video footage, voice-over, sound design and motion graphics.


We want you to be happy and will go through a couple of rounds of feedback to get it just right.

The rise of corporate video production companies

20 years ago a corporate video production company would have be the last piece in your marketing jigsaw, an add-on if there was any money left in the budget. We always suggest to clients to put your video content strategy back in the loop from the very start. Video production can join the dots in a customer journey. If you have a sticky point in the sales process, consider producing video content to explain the next steps. Creative video production really can bring your company vision alive.

What type of content do video production agencies produce?

testimonial videos

Probably the most effective way of promoting your business. Getting a client on film telling the world how great you are is the most assured way of marketing your business. They can talk about your company values, how you work, your enthusiasm and reliability. vebu leads the way in this type of creative video production.

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event filming

It’s difficult organising people to come and talk about you to take advantage of having them all in one place at the same time. Events are a great place to interview clients and staff about your business. Be clever and get answers that are timeless and can be released throughout the year.

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Animation used to be expensive. Not any more. Whether you need a corporate video, explainer video or training video, consider using animation. A very useful format when trying to explain a service or a software product.

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Promotional Video

It’s a broad term and can mean many things from a testimonial video through to explainer video or branded content. It’s any time of video content that promotes your business and what most video production companies produce. We will help you understand which format and video style is the most suitable for you.

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Corporate video

Back in the days gone by the only time of video production company servicing business was a corporate video production company. It’s a term now though that covers everything from branded content to a simple talking heads video. Vebu has been creating corporate videos since 2003, we’ve put the creative back in to this type of video production.

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training videos

Whether it’s a simple talking heads video or shooting in a green screen studio with presenters we have covered this type of video production from every angle. Working with SME’s, large corporates and charities, we’ve got this.

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explainer videos

Explainer videos solve that wonderful problem of how to market your product succinctly and effortlessly in just a few minutes. It’s your elevator pitch in a live action video or animation. We are experts in producing explainer videos.

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Talking Head Video

There’s no better video to make than just people talking to camera singing your praises or maybe it’s a colleague talking about changes to your business. They are simple, cheap and very effective.

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Video Production creates more click-thru’s than copy


We’ve been offering our corporate video production services to clients in London, throughout the UK, and worldwide, for the past 20 years. We have a broad range of very experienced and passionate videographers who will provide you with fantastic value for money and creativity. We promise to take ownership of the project, work to an agreed schedule and deliver on time and on budget.

Our network

We have developed a wonderful network of video production operators ranging from; cameramen, motion graphic designers, lighting techs, video directors, editors and creative directors.

Mobile video consumption rises 100% every year

Let’s start – email us at

Why use Vebu?

Research market

It’s important that we understand your product and the target audience.

Create brief

We work with you to create a brief with a clear schedule and costs.

Key messages

These are the foundations of the script. We will work with you to clarify what message you are trying to convey.

Script & storyboard

We will write the script but we will work in collaboration with you.The storyboard will ensure we are all talking from the same hymn sheet


This is when the magic happens; lights, camera & action. Our event videographer services team roll up with passion and enthusiasm.

Sign-off & delivery

There’s no point in creating content unless you know how to get it to the marketplace. We will create online marketing campaigns targeted at the right people.

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We’ve been creating corporate video content for over 20 years in London, across the UK and Europe.

Whether you need a high-end crew or just want to shoot film content for social media, you’ve come to the right place.

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