Talking Head Video Production

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Talking heads videos are our bread and butter. You need a series of videos created where we interview key members of your team or client. We’ve a range of examples of these types of corporate videos to show you. You can either book a single shoot director or we can offer a full service production package from scripting through to paid ads.

Examples of our video production work

Launching a newsroom

Matthew Osley-Brown

Video production

Launching a newsroom



Space NK

Space NK


Launching a newsroom

HG 20th Anniversary


Launching a newsroom


Video Production




Talking Head Video Production

One of the most effective ways of promoting your business

If you are in the middle of a change programme rather than release endless pdf’s online, why not get some-one from your team to explain what’s going on in front of a camera. We all prefer watching video content of real people rather than reading.

One of the best ways of promoting your business is to get your clients talking about you. If you’re going through an internal change, your colleagues want to hear about this from you. Talking head videos provide that human touch.

Our Clients

Clients - BBC
Clients - Casedo
Clients - Hg
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Whats the process of producing a talking head video?

key messages

It’s important to get the key messages right when shooting a talking head video. The interviewee’s need to hit these key messages quickly. This isn’t the type of video content when we can ramble. Let’s work on the key messages before the shoot day.

shoot day

We work with many video directors how are able camera operators as well or we may decide we need a larger crew consisting of a video director, lighting cameraman and soundman. It really comes down to budget, either way we’ve got you covered.

client feedback

We are happy to go through two rounds of client feedback. There’s always tweaking to be done. We want you to be happy with the end result.

post production

Talking head videos are very straight forward to put together. We can turn thus type of video content around in a couple of days.

You can reduce email opt-outs by 74% if the email includes video

An email that includes a GIFs leading to video content has an increased click-through rate of 96%. Research has found that 74% of people who watched a product video subsequently bought it. You can reduce email opt-outs by 74% if the email includes video. Web users will also spend 88% more time on a site that has video content.

The right content

This video content doesn’t have to be a high production animation or a promotional video that has broken your marketing budget. A simple talking heads video of one of your clients talking about your business or one of your marketing managers discussing the benefits of a solution can have quite a dramatic impact on the click through rates on your site. Here at Vebu we will take your brief and find the right people for your brand with bags of experience in your marketplace. Vebu provides a one-stop shop from; working with you to create a brief, initial ideas, storyboard, production and delivery.

Why use Vebu to create your talking head video?

We are more than just a video production agency, so we understand, more than most, how this content is going to fit into your over marketing strategy. We are a go-to-market agency who will always be looking to see how any content you produce builds trust and engagement.

Research market

It’s important that we understand your product and the target audience. What does this talking head video need to say.

Create brief

We work with you to create a brief with a clear schedule and costs

Key messages

These are the foundations of the questions, we can help the interviewee’s to stay on message. We will work with you to clarify what message you are trying to convey.

Script & storyboard

These are the foundations of the questions, we can help the interviewee’s to stay on message. We will work with you to clarify what message you are trying to convey.


This is when the magic happens – lights, camera and action. We can provide an interviewer, you may want to do this yourself under our guidance.

Sign-off & delivery

We are happy with a couple of rounds of client feedback. There’s no point in creating content unless you know how to get it to the marketplace. We will create online marketing campaigns targeted at the right people.

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Looking to commission a talking head video?

We’ve been creating video content for over 20 years across the uk and europe.

Whether you need a high end crew or just want to shoot content for social media you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been shooting talking head videos for many years across a range of sectors from banking, fintech to education and charities. Vebu works with big and small companies, it makes no difference to us. We will always be enthusiastic and passionate about how we deal with your project.

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