Our agency has a proven step by step process for refreshing brands through data research, competitor and market analysis. Whether it just involves a round of stakeholder interviews or a complete visual identity and brand proposition overhaul, we’ve got your back.

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Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom

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Launching a newsroom


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A rebrand isn’t starting from scratch

View it as building on what is working at the moment and hopefully ditching the elements that aren’t. You will not be starting from zero. This is a great opportunity to plump up what’s great about your comms, visual identity and brand strategy and loose those elements that just don’t represent what your business is doing it the moment.

Why you may need a rebranding agency?

There could be a very simple reason. Your business has grown and the brand proposition hasn’t grown with it. You’ve now worked out what your customers like, what they don’t, what you do well and what you do badly.

The market you are working in may have changed, you’ve changed with it but how you are presenting yourself to the outside world needs updating.

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What areas would a rebranding process cover?

Let’s assume you’ve been through a branding process and understand what’s involved. You can view this process here.

What elements of a brand refresh should you look at.

brand messages

What’s the sentiment behind the core beliefs are you trying to get across to your customers. Are these now outdated? Finding the “what makes you different” statement can be like re-inventing the wheel. So, instead, what values are important to your business?

brand positioning

Its very likely that your positioning has changed, that’s why you’re going through a brand refresh. This can be a critical process. You are admitting what works and what doesn’t. You are refining what may have been a scatter-gun approach and finally pinning your decisions to a mast.


As the company have developed you are getting a better feel for who makes a great customer and who you’d like to target. We would look to define “customer persona’s” here and encourage our brand clients to band particular customers together for a more targeted marketing approach.

refreshing a visual identity

Everything evolves and it maybe that the logo, corporate imagery, font and photography needs to evolve into something new as well. Your new visual identity will take it’s lead from your new brand positioning and reasons to believe.

brand values

Out of all of this will be a refreshed set of brand values, the old ones may make the cut but they’ll need updating to fit in with your new outlook. It may be the same values but just a different way of telling them.

update brand guidelines

It’s important everyone stays on message. A strong brand is one a consistent brand, across all channels. Once the refresh is complete, everyone, clients and colleagues alike, needs to know whats new.

What to look for in a rebranding agency

We are a sales focused agency. Everything we create in the brand process, we believe, has to translate into a growth in sales and an increased power of the brand to be able to market itself to it’s marketplace.

We don’t just want to create pretty work but make growth happen.

Put simply. We identify an engaging brand proposition that translates into a powerful marketing strategy that drives sales.

Let’s make this rebranding process inspiring

A tired brand identity can suck the life out of a business. Colleagues remain un-inspired whilst your client’s attention wonders to a competitor.

A brand refresh is like dusting off a new showreel. It will remind you what makes your business tick and give you a boost in the areas that need it most.

It’s a chance to bring the company together for a fresh start. A rebranding agency will give your business that shot in the arm it needs. Whether that’s reassessing your brand values, your company’s brand identity or just giving your brand messaging a pick-me-up.

Get your brand identity right and much will flow from it.

Companies with a strong brand proposition also have complete clarity when it comes to their customer needs and aspirations. It provides the foundations to build out a marketing strategy with real depth and empowerment. Your marketing campaigns will be consistent to your company values, whilst a well thought-out brand strategy will support your sales teams.

What to expect from Vebu

We like to build on-going relationships with our brand clients. The brand building process takes place over a period of time. Great brands don’t appear overnight. It takes time by working consistently over many years. All of the work we do acts as the bedrock to your marketing strategy. For startups you’ll find the market research and brand strategy work feeds directly into your investment deck. But there is one consistent to all successful growth businesses, they’ve all invested heavily into their brand and their relationship with their brand agency.

Why are brand guidelines so important?

Everyone from the most junior member of your team needs to be familiar with the values of the business and what the brand purpose is. Your brand guidelines act as the bible for how your business presents itself to the outside world.

Brands can only show real strength when they exhibit consistency across all channels, your branding agency will be aiming to show how this can be achieved.

Your brand guidelines should include everything from typography through to key reasons to believe, a mission statement and brand strategy.

Why use Vebu as your rebranding agency?

We believe everyone has the right to be great regardless of their size. Small or big business, is irrelevant to us. We’re an extended creative community of like-minded people. Who genuinely care. Ready to give you the ‘right-sized’ team of marketing experts for your project. It’s honest. It’s affordable. And it’s rewarding. Welcome to Vebu. Welcome to greatness at any scale.

Rebranding Process

The rebranding agency process can be inspiring, but it should certainly be an ongoing process. If you are taking on a rebranding project be prepared to put into place a process which means you are constantly listening to your customers and employee’s, sales staff and your marketplace. Your core values may remain the same, but you need to be flexible to whats going in the outside world to remain relevant. A rebranding project is always evolving in the background to your business.

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What to expect from Vebu’s rebranding services 

Brand Research

We are thorough in our research whether that’s through a deep dive data analysis of your business and marketplace or through our stakeholder interviews

Brand Positioning

We need to understand where you sit in your marketplace. How are you viewed by your customers when compared to your competitors on price, quality and aspirations.

Creating Customer Persona's

What do they look like; where do they shop, their opinions, tone of voice. How do they like to digest information and where.


Build a Creative Brief

I think you’ve now realised we don’t just jump in on creating visuals. The background research is vital. Now we can agree on what’s underpinning the brand proposition and the visual identity.

The Brand Proposition

How do we explain what you do to customers, what’s your mission, what’s the background story to your “why”, what makes you tick and makes you different. Why should people engage with you. It’s the personality of your business.

Visual Identity

It’s not just a logo. And it’s more than just fonts, a colour pallet and photography. It’s creating a visual look that can express your brand across all channels in a way that’s consistent with all of your underlying brand beliefs.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy revolves around getting your brand out there. What’s the brand sentiment, what people think of you and how you are getting this message across. Identifying your ideal customers and then measuring what they feel about you.

Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines evolve over time but everyone in your organisation needs to understand them. Your brand needs to be consistent, if it’s not, people will find it hard to engage in you because they won’t know what you represent.

Go to Market Strategy

You have all the elements to help you take your product to market. We will create a marketing content strategy for you based on our work from the branding process

We will find some great stories to tell about you

We’ve been creating video content for over 20 years across london, the uk and europe.

Whether you need a high end crew or just want to shoot content for social media you’ve come to the right place.

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