We are a full service creative branding agency based in London. Whether that’s brand strategy, brand positioning, visual identity or refreshing your brand proposition.

Examples of our agency’s brand work

Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom



Launching a newsroom

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Launching a newsroom


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Our Clients

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Looking for a brand refresh?

You need to create a brand from scratch or just a brand refresh. We will research your marketplace, create a brand proposition, a visual identity and all the marketing assets you need.

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What to expect from Vebu

We like to build on-going relationships with our brand clients. The brand building process takes place over a period of time. Great brands don’t appear overnight. It takes time by working consistently over many years. All of the work we do acts as the bedrock to your marketing strategy. For startups you’ll find the market research and brand strategy work feeds directly into your investment deck. But there is one consistent to all successful growth businesses, they’ve all invested heavily into their brand and their relationship with their brand agency.

We are passionate about branding

A strong brand strategy will drive sales

At the core of any business should be a set of beliefs that flows through all of your marketing and communications. Your brand says, “This is who we are and this is what we believe in.”

What to expect from Vebu’s branding services 

Brand Research

We are thorough in our research whether that’s through a deep dive data analysis of your business and marketplace or through our stakeholder interviews

Brand Positioning

We need to understand where you sit in your marketplace. How are you viewed by your customers when compared to your competitors on price, quality and aspirations.

Creating Customer Persona's

What do they look like; where do they shop, their opinions, tone of voice. How do they like to digest information and where.

Build a Creative Brief

I think you’ve now realised we don’t just jump in on creating visuals. The background research is vital. Now we can agree on what’s underpinning the brand proposition and the visual identity.

The Brand Proposition

How do we explain what you do to customers, what’s your mission, what’s the background story to your “why”, what makes you tick and makes you different. Why should people engage with you. It’s the personality of your business.

Visual Identity

It’s not just a logo. And it’s more than just fonts, a colour pallet and photography. It’s creating a visual look that can express your brand across all channels in a way that’s consistent with all of your underlying brand beliefs.


Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy revolves around getting your brand out there. What’s the brand sentiment, what people think of you and how you are getting this message across. Identifying your ideal customers and then measuring what they feel about you.

Brand Guidelines

Your brand guidelines evolve over time but everyone in your organisation needs to understand them. Your brand needs to be consistent, if it’s not, people will find it hard to engage in you because they won’t know what you represent.

Go to Market Strategy

You have all the elements to help you take your product to market. We will create a marketing content strategy for you based on our work from the branding process

What branding skills do we offer?

Market Research

Everything starts with research. Who are your customers and competitors? What do they look like and how do they consume content, where do they hang out? What’s the state of your own business and why do you think you need a brand refresh. If you’re starting a new business much of the information we gather will go into your investment deck as well.

Brand Propositioning

How do you explain yourself to customers? This needs to be done in an engaging way, it needs to resonate. A short paragraph that creates a connection with your audience. We need to articulate what problem you are solving and why you are relevant.

Our Branding services


We use the latest data research techniques in social listening, google terms research and good old fashioned journalistic skills to gather information about your marketplace.


Forming the right insights is crucial to creating a brand. We spend time creating customer persona’s. What are their pain points? Where could your business find advantage?

Brand proposition

What sets your brand out from the competition? Why should people believe in you? Our copywriters will create a manifesto around your vision.

Visual identity

We are now ready to create the “look” of the brand and it’s not just a logo! The visual identity needs to have a consistency across all channels from your website, social media, banners, emails and business card.

Brand application

Creating a brand identity on the drawing board is one thing but how does it work in real life? It’s only when we start rolling out the brand do we really understand how effective it’s working.

Brand guidelines

It’s important we create a brand bible that everyone in your organisation understands. This will cover everything from the brand proposition, visual identity and tone of voice.

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Your Brand

argan oil product design

Your brand is your personality.

How you do business, the look and feel of your company and the language you use when you communicate are all traits of your brand. The visual identity is created from these core values.

Get your branding right and
much will flow from it.

Companies with a strong brand proposition also have complete clarity when it comes to their customer needs and aspirations. It provides the foundations to build out a marketing strategy with real depth and empowerment. Your marketing campaigns will be consistent to your company values, whilst a well thought-out brand strategy will support your sales teams.

Branding for start-ups

We get a huge amount of enjoyment when we are involved in creating a completely new brand identity for a startup. There is something intensely satisfying about creating a brand from scratch. It involves being very inquisitive about a market, a problem, how to solve it and what’s the best way of getting the message across. Much of the work we do will end up in your investment deck. Creating a brand for a startup is uniquely satisfying. There are some elements you must understand to build a startup brand.

What problem are you solving?

If you’re not solving a problem, and it’s a noisy busy world out there, then you will struggle. Customers are quite loyal even to brands that don’t quite work. Your idea needs to solve a problem in a way that you’d have to be crazy not to use it.

How big is your potential market?

There’s nothing wrong with a small niche market when creating a new brand but you need to know either way how big it is. It will help with your marketing budget and getting investors on board.

Who are your customers?

It’s the first question any branding agency will ask. You need to create customer persona’s. Where do these people get their information? Think about brand positioning.

Engage a branding agency

First impressions count. If your customers see a cheap logo then thats what they think you are. Ask yourself whats the different between a shop on the lower end of your high street and a successful brand. A lack of involvement from a brand agency.

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