How much does an event videographer cost?

An experienced event videographer (a.k.a. cameraman) costs between £650 and £800 a day, this price includes his camera equipment. Remember you get what you pay for. You want to working with some-one who has all the latest equipment.

What about the cost of video editing?

Allow a day for editing at £550 a day, but you’ll also want to make changes so add another day for client feedback. So editing would be approximately £1100.

Total cost for event videography package

Expect to pay between £1,700 and £2,000 for a professional videographer to shoot and edit your event. For this they would produce a single 3 min edit to music.

What additional costs could there be?

A camera assistant

Experienced camera operators have a lot of kit, they need a hand carrying it. If they are shooting interviews they’ll need an extra pair of hands. A camera assistant is work it – approx £250 a day

Delivery of alternative formats of your edit

You will want to upload your highlights video to various web channels including Linkedin (which has a recommended 4 by 5 format), your own website (which would be a standard 16 by 9). some social media sites prefer a square format.

There would be a small additional charge to re-size your edit to these various formats – approx half a days editing.

Social media clips

All of the interviews you have shot could be clipped up into their own self-contained social media clips – depending on how many you need – lets say 10-15, allow an additional couple of days editing to get these produced.

Using motion graphics

You may want your logo to animate nicely at the front, or have facts and figures animating on the screen to re-enforce key messages.

For a simple highlights video allow a days motion graphics to produce these simple additions @ £550 a day.

Travel costs

Remember your crew will be charging you for mileage (at 50p a mile), parking, congestion charges. They may have to stay locally overnight or have to fly in, if your event is abroad. All of this will appear as a line of cost on your quote.

Get in touch

If you have an event you need filming and editing, give us a call on 07958353239 or email We can give you a quote over the phone.

What equipment will an experienced event videographer have?

Broadcast HD standard camera & tripod – i.e. a Sony Fx9 or Canon C300 for example

Lighting for interviews & audio equipment

Selection of lenses

Most cameramen have a second smaller DLSR camera on a gimble for moving shots

Event Photography services

You can take stills from a video shoot but we’d recommend you hire a separate photographer to capture stills of your corporate event. Video footage can tend to blur a touch when you try and screen grab video footage.

An event photographer would typically charge between £900 and £1200 for covering an event and producing a selection of 30-40 graded images for you to choose from.

What to expect from professional event videographers

You’ll want to work with some-one who wants to talk ownership of that days filming. Once you’ve briefed them on what you need, be clear on what the deliverables are going to be: how long’s the edit, how many interviews, any additional social media clips etc.

If you’re not getting input from them, in terms of making the content better or ideas around how they want to shoot the day, then find some-one else.

When Vebu works with a client, we arrive with ideas.

Promoting corporate events online with paid ads

We recommend clients set aside a part of their video budget for promoting their video content with targeted paid ads.

If you work in the B2B market then Linkedin can work as a useful way to target specific industries and job titles.

It’s a great way of getting people’s emails addresses for remarketing and slowly building a following.

If you need help with paid ads then get in touch at

The benefits of event videography

Hiring an event videographer empowers you to create content which will help you differentiate your brand from competitors and showcase what make’s your business unique in a crowded marketplace.

You’ll get valuable feedback from attendee’s, it’s also a good time to re-connect with your own staff.

You’ll be creating a memorable day, it’s a brand opportunity for your business to re-connect with your customers later in the year via the video content that you re-market.

Networking is central to a business event and you’ve caught it all on video.

By remarketing the video content you are providing yourselves with another opportunity to re-connect with your clients.

By marketing the video content online you’ll be able to reach out to a wider audience than those that actually attended the event. Video increases your marketing reach.

Your event is establishing you as a thought-leader in your industry, the video content will amplify that message.

Event Videography Content Types

Here’s a list all of the great content you can produce when you have your clients, suppliers and staff all in one place.

Client testimonials

No-one sells your business or your products better than hearing someone who’s actually bought your product singing their praises. You can tell the world yourself about how great a company you have, but your clients will always, always be more believable.

Whether it’s a google review or trip advisor, we all search for reviews before using a product.

Here’s your chance to create a wealth of content, getting your clients to talk about how great you are.

Don’t forget this content can be used throughout the year, not just after the event.

Promoting the event itself

You’ll want to run this event again, so it’s important you get people on camera whilst you’ve got the chance. ask what they’ve learnt, what’s inspired them and what are their key take aways for the year ahead and why they’d recommend people come to this event next year.

It’s your chance to create momentum for the next event. Use it.

Create a highlights video of the event

Give customers a taster of what they can expect, cut to music, with soundbites from key speakers, attendee’s and key players from your own business.

Remember the content you film doesn’t necessarily have to be about that particular event – it could be about your offering as a whole.

Create social media content of the event

We’ve talked a lot of creating a customer journey when it comes to on-boarding customers. Use the content from your event to drip feed content throughout the year to help onboard a new client.

When you are interviewing people at an event get them talking about all of your business solutions.

The Professional Videographer

Creating event videos over the past 15 years has really taken off and you should expect a high standard of professionalism from your cameraman.

  • A arrange an initial call to discuss the deliverables
  • Does the event videographer need to see the venue before the shoot day?
  • What timelines are they working to for you to see a final edit
  • How many rounds of client feedback can you expect?
  • Are they any additional costs like travel to consider?

If you have an event you’d like filming please get in touch at or call on 07958353239


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