Explainer Videos

It’s a crowded marketplace and you need to get your message across instantly.
We have a broad range of experience across multiple industries in producing Explainer Videos that people connect with.
Don’t under-estimate the power of an explainer or product video in terms of increasing engagement.
By 2017 video will account for 74% of all online traffic..

Motion Graphics is now very affordable

An explainer video increases the click through rate to your site by over 75%
50% of internet users will look at a product video before entering a store.
If Facebook is a medium that works for you remember 85% of people watch Facebook with no sound.
Having bought Youtube in 2006 for $1.6 billion Google are keen to see videos from Youtube rank highly on Google searches.

Convert customers in real sales

It’s now common practise for people to search for products on Youtube before buying them. Either looking for reviews or install video’s explaining to it all works.
Whether these be animation or presenter led video case studies here at Vebu we understand what converts potential customers into real sales opportunities.
We will take your brief and find the right people for your brand with bags of experience in your marketplace.
Vebu provides a one-stop shop from; working with you to create a brief, initial ideas, storyboard, production and delivery.

We’ve been creating video content for over 20 years across the UK and Europe.

Whether you need a high end crew or just want to shoot content for social media you’ve come to the right place.