B2B. Don’t be reliant on traditional social media channels. Grow your own network.

It’s always nice to refer to social media as “traditional.” But we now should. It’s jammed packed with jam. And let’s face it, not a lot of it is sticking.

So, what to do?

We know a couple of things about online marketing. Paid ads are expensive with little engagement and don’t really work that well in B2B. Targeted content around your own echo chamber requires a lot of work for not a lot of engagement.

Maybe the problem is we are collectively being too impatient. Many businesses require the buy in of a very small group of buyers. A successful B2B campaign may just have a target audience of 500. It’s what account based marketing is all about.

There’s another angle here as well.

People only engage in a creditable way with content that you have taken time over, that is authentic and has a genuine benefit to your audience.

So our advice to clients is stop thinking about LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media, start thinking about your own network.

Social media is just a form of delivery, what you really want to be thinking about is where your clients live. Which is why traditional PR and live events and creating content around these events could well be making a comeback. If you created a persona around your target customer, would meeting them face to face be more preferential than a constant barrage of online content?

Do they even use social media or respond to emails?

The personal introduction

We need to be creating a funnel of personal introductions. When I look at the best new customers we have started working with it’s all been a personal contact. Even with an email introduction, the personal contact hasn’t been online.

Just a thought but maybe the most beneficial way of increasing leads is to concentrate on your own immediate network and slowly grow that out rather than find yourself caught in the glare of the web.

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Matt Gardner is a former television news journalist, video director and founding partner of Vebu having created campaigns for the likes of Microsoft, Dell, Santander and American Express.