Animated Video Production

We all know that animation sells breakfast cereals and enthralls pre-school kids (and otherwise moody teenagers!) but one of the fastest growing uses of animation is in the business world. Corporate videos including animation are used by some of the world’s top businesses, but because they are professionally produced, with seamless transitions from video to animation and back, we often fail to spot them at all.

Why are major companies using business animations?

First let’s take a quick roll call of those who are: Dyson and Bosch both rely on animation, Virgin are using in increasingly across their brand identities and pharmaceuticals giant Glaxo Smith Klein has settled firmly on animation as its major route to explaining new drugs to the marketplace.

Producing animation content

You’ve got 60 seconds to sell

It’s so much easier to demonstrate the benefits of your product or service in animated form because you can control every second of the material and use professional video production techniques to make each word and image count. This saves you money as well as condensing your key points to make great marketing material.

Animation is global

Whilst face to camera videos are obviously personal, they limit identification. Companies agonise over whether to hire a male or female presenter, how to select the person who best represents the target market’s age, cultural identity or preferences, and then panic about over-identification of brand with individual. Animation removes all this – voiceover can be done in many languages or none and global concepts can be expressed without worrying whether the audience identifies with the presenter.

One important sub-point; there’s less need to worry about whether your brand is identified with a particular CEO or the actor who represents you on video. By combining animation and video, businesses can harness loyalty to the animated concept rather than to any personality involved.

To be understood, be animated

If you have an unusual or complex business, or a demanding service offering, animation allows you to express very specific ideas for a much smaller budget than you could ever do otherwise. Because difficult concepts can be broken down and expressed in easily understood fashion, and because you can use a little humour to make your animation appealing, you’ll get your idea over much more quickly, and clearly with animation.

Be remembered for the right reasons

Animations help people remember you better. This is because people who view video or animation tend to retain a lot more information – up to 56% more! The whole brain is involved in viewing animated images or video, whilst words and static images only engage the left-hand side of the brain. This means that your message is impressed into people much more clearly, and their right-side emotions are much easier to reach, using animation.

Animation is healthy

One of the main ways that the major multinationals are using animation is training. For all the reasons listed above, Producing animated video is the ideal route to getting employees to understand policies, health and safety issues and even the company annual report! This helps keep the world’s biggest companies healthy, safe and out-performing others – so isn’t it time you got animation working for you too? Get in touch at for more insights into video production in London


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